The VLC project was originally started in the year of 1996 which was originally designed for the client and server stream videos in a campus network.

VLC Media player is free software that is available online. It is an open source application and distributed license free. VLC player support multiple file formats like CDs, DVD, DivX, MPG, MP4, xVid, etc. The VLC application is platform independent which means it can work on any operating system and it also does not require any additional tool or codec pack to play videos and audios. VPL player can also support network streaming which means you can download any streaming videos which are played online.

Network stream is a new rage in cyber world and becoming more and more popular with increasing use of online videos and social networking websites.

Some servers provide this facility to upload and download any personal videos as well like Some websites also allows viewing some educational videos and complete streaming movies on their websites.

The all new VLC player allows you to play and download these network streaming videos which you can use in future time as well.

Here are some simple steps to record a Network Stream with VLC Media Player:


The first thing you need to do is to download the installation file for VLC media player.

Go to the manufacturer link Download the VLC player installation file and save it on the desired location on your computer.


Double click on the installation file to initiate the installation process. Click on next and the VLC player is installed on your computer.


Now you need to open a network streaming videos. This is generally a website where online videos are available to view. It can be any type of video like educational, movie, and the best example is

Now you need to copy the complete URL which is found at the top of your web browser and known as address bar. The URL must be ending with the file extension of the video being played on the website, for an example .wmv, .mpg.


Now launch the VLC media player and click on the ‘File’ menu and select the option ‘Open Network stream’. After this, select the radio button ‘HTTP’ and then paste the copied URL into the URL field.


Now you need to select the ‘Save/Stream’ option which is available under the ‘Advanced’ menu. Now select the option ‘Settings’ options and then select ‘Play locally’. Now select ‘File’ and then click on ‘Browse’. Now choose the saving location and then hit the ‘OK’ button. Now the video will start to stream through the VLC media player and will be saved on the local hard disk.


Once the streaming process is finished, try to find the saved video file and rename the file as to any name you want for the particular file. You would also need to select the file extension as .MPG at the end of the file name.

These are very simple and useful steps to download streaming videos on your computer.