Online radio is gaining popularity day by day. This is a service provided by various service providers and it is mostly free of cost. It is gaining popularity because by listening to the radio online you get options to hear even those radio channels which are not broadcasted in your area or region. With online radio the sound is played by your systems audio controller and you get digital sound from the set of speakers connected on your computer. Online radio gives you a choice of listening to hundreds of radio channels and you can create your favourite channel lists and can even listen to songs repeatedly, however there is no direct way of recording these songs or programs being broadcasted on your computer. If you want then you can do some necessary installations and can record the online radio which will get saved on your hard drive and you can listen to it any time later.

For recording the online radio your audio card should be recording capable. Though all the sound cards available these days have this feature but if you are on a really old computer than it can be a problem. Before we start recording make sure that your sound card’s recording devices are enabled and working properly. You can do the check by clicking on Start and opening the Control Panel. In Control Panel open the icon called Sound. In the Sound Window second tab is titled Recording. Click on this and over here you will get a list of all the recording devices available on your computer. To check if it is functioning properly plug a microphone in your computer’s microphone jack and speak something. In Windows Vista if you speak something on your Microphone you will see the bar level going up or down next to the recording device in Sound Window. This proves that your Sound Recording device is up and running and correctly configured.

Once you have checked your sound recording settings you need to download any streaming audio recording tool. This tool is required because songs are coming into your computer as internet traffic and there is no way to record this song on a file. You can search the internet using phrases like “Online Audio Recorder”, “Online Radio Recorder”, or “Streaming Audio Recorder”. This will result in a list of software’s available for recording the online radio. Most of these tools are free and do not go for a very feature rich program because we need it just for recording and the actual playback will be done by your media player once the audio gets recorded in a proper sound format file. After making the selection of software that you wish to download please download and install it. depending upon the software you have downloaded the interface and navigation would differ but as a standard software designing standard you should be able to find the record button anywhere for recording anything which is being played. Please remember that this software or any software of such kind will record everything which gets played through your system; so if you are listening and recording online radio and suddenly a mail arrives in your inbox and you get alerted by a voice saying “you’ve go mail” then even this will get recorded. So if you are into serious recording and don’t want such voices then please make sure that you stop all such applications which gives sound alerts.

After recording the sound the file will get saved on to a location of your choice and it can then be played from any media player of your choice.