It is an incredible experience to watch one’s personal videos and movies on an incredible software interface. With the Windows Media Center you would simply enjoy playing your photographs and videos at a fun-filled juncture. There are a lot of ways through which you can watch your home videos on the Windows Media Center with great ease.

When you make use of the incredible device i.e. the Media Center Remote control you are assured of the most amazing experience with Media Center. It has dedicated keys that help you navigate to the pictures and also zoom in on them. In case you do not have the specialized device then you can make use of the usual controls which are the computer keyboard and mouse to get the similar experience on the Media Center. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move ahead and Reverse in the picture folder.

You can easily view your images and videos on the Windows Media Center. You can even import images from the external sources like a hard disk or a USB drive. For this you simply need to attach the device to the computer via USB port and then navigate to it through the Windows Media Center.

Just select the Start button on the Windows menu, then open ‘All Programs’, and then after that select ‘Windows Media Center’.

1.   Suppose the Media Center is not opened in full-screen mode, then you can view the full screen mode with the Maximize button.

2.   You just need to attach the removable device to the laptop or your computer. Even other devices like cameras, flash drives come with a USB compatible ports which help in connecting them with the computer.

3.   You can then import the pictures and videos by simply following the instructions given below:

In case you have not been able to find your pictures then you can check by navigating it manually.

•   Simply select the Import pictures and videos link and then go ahead doing what the wizard suggests. Copy the images to your folder and then you can view them with great ease.

•   By selecting the ‘View pictures’ or ‘View videos’ links you an easily access the pictures or videos on the external device without the need to copy them onto your local disk.

You can also view the images and videos in form of slide show also. This view makes watching videos really exciting and easy. For this you need to follow the given steps:

1.   On the Windows task bar select the Start button, and then select All Programs, > Windows Media Center. This opens the Media Center Start screen.

2.   Now navigate to the ‘Pictures + Videos’ section and select ‘Picture library’.

3.   Then select the ‘Create Slide Show’ link on the ‘Slide Show’ section. You simply need to follow the simple guidelines and your videos and images will be played in an enchanting manner.