Linksys is one of the best brands of router till now which is used in the market. Linksys routers are wireless router and are capable of broadcasting networks at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies simultaneously. That’s why it is known as dual band router. It provides fast internet access, allows sharing with other computers in your home. Setting configuration is very easy with its push button feature. Wireless networks can be hacked easily compared to wired networks, so wireless security is very important. If suppose you are accessing your bank account then through wireless network your credentials can be traced by hackers easily if you don’t have security. Even your internet connection can be misused by anyone. So to secure your network you need to have security key or network key.

Many times it happens that you lose the security key of your Linksys Router and struggle for finding real security key by trying different-different combinations. Even you forgot to save the key somewhere so you can not start your router. But no need to worry about this, you have two options to handle this situation.

First option is to manually reset the Linksys security key and this can be done as follows:

Step1: Boot your computer where you have first installed router and then go to “Control Panel” from “Start” menu.

Step2: Search the “Linksys Router Control Icon”. Then open the web browser and type the IP address: (, which is actually the LAN address of your router. It will not give you access to the internet but it will take you to control panel of your Linksys Router.

Step3: When you are in the Linksys router form click the “Security Tab” at top of the form, this will unveil your code and so that you can access the service without doing anything. After this you will be redirected to the form which contains WEP (Wireless Encryption protocol) details. You can either save the file details by copy and paste to some notepad or work document. You can also write it to your book or press “CTRL + P” from your keyboard to print the details. When you open the wireless setup page, type these details which you have taken printout. It will help you to give access on your local area network (LAN), so it indicates that you have successfully recovered Linksys Security key.

The second way is you can do this way.

Step1: Open web browser like internet explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome or Safari and type the IP address of your Linksys router ( in the URL box.

Step2: On the website click on “Wireless” option and then click “Wireless Security”, there you can see the list of WEP keys.

Step3: Use the very first key found in the list and do not forgot to keep a copy of your IP address so that it can be easily accessible if you forget it. Also make sure to keep all those WEP details and store it in the file for future reference. So, you no need to buy another router in case of lost of Linksys Security key.