We are most of the time found complaining either we have forgotten the ‘Password’ of our account or the ‘Network Key’ of our Linksys routers. The explanations given are either we forgot to retain latter in our minds or forgot to even have it written and to a more worst situation forgot to save it. Do we have a way out with it if it’s done so?  No worries, we do have simple ways to tackle this situation.

To begin with, you need to have with you a printer and a main station computer. Go this way, firstly, get your computer booted where you had first installed your router. Click on the “Control Panel” tab found in your start menu and find the “Linksys Router control icon”. Switch over to your web browser and type this IP address: ( exactly the same in the web address bar of your web browser. This IP address will not give an access to Internet, but will take you to host of the control screen. This IP address is actually your router’s LAN address. When you have that screen right in front of you click on your most desired tab “Security” found at the top of the screen. On your mere click, you will have your code unveiled simply without doing anything and so that you can once again acess the service. Then you will be redirected to a form containing the WEP’s (Wireless Encryption Protocol) details. You can either write down the details or go for pressing ( CTRL+P)  from your keyboard on your screen in order to get your details printed. The printer will print the page out completely and thus will help you in future. Then open the setup of your wireless network connection, type in there the details that are inscribed on the paper you printed. This will not only give an access to LAN (Local Area Network ), but also help you successfully retain your network key.

Secondly, you can find you way out this way, open your web browser like Internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, Safari, Google chrome or Opera. But, bare in mind that browser must be an original one, like the one you had when you installed router. Type in the “web address” the IP address  ( This will take you to form of your router. Click on the “Wireless” tab present in the form and followed by a click on the “Wireless Security”. This will get you the WEP keys enlisted. You can choose to use the first one. Keep in mind to retain the copy of your IP address and get it adorned somewhere so that it can be easily accessible incase you forget it. Then get on to the details of the router’s settings and keep those WEP details with that you have just obtained. Get the details printed over there and then you will be able to access to the Internet. Remember to keep track of your network keys, this will prevent you from buying a new router again if you can’t enter the setting details of your older one.

Recovery of Network Key of Linksys’s router can be easily done by following the above mentioned way. But, remember to retain those details with you, so that next time you don’t have to take that much pain recovering it or buying yourself a new router.