For one reason or the other, you may decide to your mailbox for instance if it you have not used it for a long time. As such, Microsoft Exchange allows you to purge your mailbox but the advantage is, the purged mail is not removed from your computer permanently. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to recover a purged mailbox if you need the information you had purged again. Your mail is kept in the server for some time before it is eventually deleted from the system. With such a mechanism, you can easily recover your mail if the need arises again. But even so, perhaps it is important to note at this point that the mail is available as long the period your server administrator decides. That means the duration for which it is kept may vary accordingly.

To Recover Purged Mailbox

To recover purged mailbox, click on the start button and maneuver to All Programs from where you should pick Microsoft Exchange Server Manager. However, you need to be sure you have the above program running in your computer. If you don’t, check with your administrator. Once you have opened the Exchange Server Manager, click to expand the Administrative Groups tab and then choose Mail Administrative Group. From here, click to expand the servers pane and then simply choose the server with the mail box you want to recover. It should be relatively easy from here as all you need to do is click on the Mailbox Store, from the available options. You will easily locate it as it is not a hidden icon. Simply click on the Mailboxes, remember you are already in the Mailbox store and you can easily locate the Mailboxes. Right Click on the Mailboxes tab and from the list of drop down menu you will get immediately, select Run Cleanup Agent. What this does is immediately show you all the purged mailboxes in the server you are using and from here the rest should be child’s play.

Locate Purged Mailbox

Now you have successfully maneuvered your way to the Mailboxes and are just about to recover to recover your mail. Good. From here, simply pick the mailbox you want to have recovered and then right click on it. The drop down menu that shows up will have the Reconnect tab, simply choose the Reconnect option and through a single click, you should be able choose the user name for which you want the mailbox you want to recover to connect to. Once you have done that, just click on OK and you will immediately recover your purged mailbox. It is that simple a procedure and it should be done in record time with no difficulties at all.

Therefore, recovering a deleted or purged mailbox should be a simple and forward operation as long as you are following the simple laid down procedures. As long as the mail box is still available in the original database of your server, it should be simple recovering and using tit again.