Hard disk failure is one of the most common issues of computers. Sometimes   while working, the computer screen will show black screen and start rebooting automatically. You lose all your past work and data in this process. You may also get some messages like no bootable drive present, no bootable media.  This is because of hard disk failure sometimes. It’s a common a resolvable issue so there is no need to get panic. You can get all your data and necessary work back with the help of our article.

Reasons for hard disk failure

There can be many reasons for the failure. Some of them are very common and physical, here are some common reasons:

There can be a firmware failure or corruption which leads to the hard disk failure. Sometimes it can be internal hard disk issues like electronics issues responsible for hard disk failure. The mechanical issues like internal read or write head failure also leads to hard disk failure. The head often grind the magnetic surface because of that we get hard disk crash. There can be many mechanical reasons like corrosion of surface, circuit malfunction, wear and tear, physical shocks or voltage fluctuations also responsible for hard disk crash. Hard disk also contains various physical devices like spindle motors, head actuator etc: failures of these devices can also the reason for hard disk failure.

Steps to recover from hard disk failure

You can correct logical errors present on the hard disk to recover the data. Go to my computer then right click on the icon to select properties. You will get a dialogue box; there select tools and now select error checking. It will check all the errors present on C:/ drive. It may take a long time to complete so don’t close the window.

You can also buy and download some software to get back from recovery. We recommend getting all the information of the product then applying, because sometimes they do not work. It is always better to run chkdisk and scandisk utility available on all windows. By performing these simple operations you will recover the data. You get a recovery CD with your OS by running that CD you can also recover the data. It will cost you nothing and this is one of the best ways to recover from hard disk failure.

Things to keep in mind to prevent hard disk failure

Hard disk failure is very often today so always ready with backup. You can also backup the data online as lots of sites are available for online storage. This is one of the safest ways to get the backup. You can also use external hard disk to store all the necessary data. Always perform defragmentation on regular basis. Try to keep OS and other data on different drives.