You would have noticed that when we delete and mail from our Outlooks inbox it goes into the deleted items folder. Now if your outlook is configured to use email via POP then on deleting an email from Outlook will not delete it the mail from actual server and on deleting email from the server will not delete the mail from Outlook’s inbox. This is not the case when you configure an exchange account in Outlook. In an exchange account if you delete any mail from Outlook it goes in to the deleted items folder on your computer and on the server as well and vice versa. This happens because Outlook when configured for an exchange account works in sync with the exchange server. You would have noticed that when you open outlook which has an exchange account in it displays the syncing status in the status bar. It syncs all the folders including the Deleted items folder on all the workstations where you configure your exchange mail account.

To recover Deleted mails from Exchange 2003 just open the deleted items folder and drag the mails back into your inbox. Please note that if you have permanently deleted any mail then it cannot be restored.

The mails when gets downloaded in outlook gets saved in a file called as Outlook.Ost. This OST file can be of any size but since it works in unison with the exchange server so indirectly there is a limit applied to it. Every user has its own quota of storage and only mails of that size can be saved in the mailbox. When the size increases mails need to be deleted or moved to some PST file on the work station. PST files are local storage file for outlook and they do not communicate with the exchange server. POP account work on PST files because size of an OST file has nothing to do with that of the sever mail box.

Follow the steps given ahead to check or increase/decrease the size limit of deleted items folder on the exchange server. Click on the Start button and then on the All programs. In All Programs click on Administrative tools and then click on the Exchange Server Manager. From this Window click on the Exchange Server’s name in the left pane. This will list all the users present in the exchange. Scroll and locate the user in concern and right click on his/her name and select Properties. This will open the properties window of that user account and you will few tabs. One of the tabs would be Limits; click on it. Here in the Limits tab you can mention the size of the deleted items folder and can also set the number of days for which the deleted mails need to be saved. Press OK after making the changes and close all the Windows. This is how you can set the size of deleted items folder on Exchange Server 2003. Now the user for which we increased the size would be able to keep more deleted items in his outlook.