In the event that you have deleted some mail by mistake, the first reaction would be to think “it’s over” and run for the administrator. Sometimes you can delete Outlook mail unknowingly and knowing that you can recover such mail is encouraging. It takes away the worries and shock because normally you would think it is impossible to get such deleted mail back. Well, it is absolutely possible to recover deleted mail in the exchange server you are using.

Recover Mail

One thing Outlook 2003 stands out for, at least with regard to back up, is the “Deleted Item Recovery” feature. You can basically get back all the mail you deleted from the server easily by use of this small but awesome feature. Just enable and apply it and all will be well, at least you won’t have to worry about deleted mails as you can easily get them back. As an administrator, it is such a time saving and agony reducing function if you can ensure your users have the feature in their Outlook and can undelete emails whenever they want.

The Procedure

If you need to recover a deleted mail in Outlook, the first thing you need to do is find out of you have the Recover Deleted Items feature. To access this option if you have it, simply open Deleted folder and select Tools list to check out if Recover Deleted Items is an option you have available. Lucky you if it is because all you have to do is select it and all your deleted mails will be restored or recovered. All your mails deleted in the Exchange server will be recovered.

If Recover Deleted Items is absent!

If you do not have the recover deleted items option, this is what you need to do;

Simply click on the Start menu and click on Run, on which you will enter “regedit” in the space bar and then click Enter. This will immediately open the Registry Editor and once here, expand the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” folder by selecting the arrow just beside it. Open the Software folder and then the Microsoft folder, from where you will access the Exchange folder. From the Exchange folder; click to select the Client folder and finish off by clicking on the Options folder. On the options pane, right click on the white space then pick New, from which you should select “DWord” and right click on it, options will be availed and from then select Rename. In the Rename space bar, enter “DumpsterAlwaysOn” and double click on it. Double clicking on this tab opens the Properties window in which you need to change its value to 1 and then finish with OK.  After that simply close the Registry editor, go to Outlook and start it again. To recover your deleted items, go to the Deleted Items tab and select Recover Deleted Items from the Tools menu and you will get back all your files.

Recovering mail can be a bother if you are not prepared with the Recovery feature as you have just seen. Do not be caught off guard.