If are you using a Windows Vista operating system and have lost your important vista files or accidentally empting the vista recycle bin, in this condition you need to find the best recovery software which will do the job perfectly, so in this situation you can use best vista data recovery software. Recover Data for Vista file recovery software, this can easily handle all the above data loss conditions and perform full data recovery operation & retrieve vista files in a safest location. With Recover Data for vista file recovery tool you can easily recovering vista files, you also do this if recycle bin has been emptied or files directly deleted from computer by pressing Shift + Del key. Windows Data Recovery from vista is very easy and simple including advance vista file recovery software tools. Vista Recovery Tools can run on every Windows including Windows XP, 2000, 2003 Vista & Windows 7.

Key Features of Vista File Recovery Software

This Software can easily provide deleted partition from windows vista hard drive, easily supports recovery of compressed, fragmented and encrypted files. It also supports Windows XP/VISTA /2003 Server & Windows 7 Operating System. Microsoft Word documents may be lost in certain situation, suppose the document may be lost when an error occurs that forces Word to quit, if you want to experience a power interruption while editing, or if you close the document without saving changes. This article explains the steps which you can use to try to recover the lost document.

The whole document may be lost if you have not saved the recent document. If you want to save your document, then you may lose only the changes which you made since the last save. But some lost documents may not be recoverable.

If you want to Search for the original document, then follow these steps:

Start Search box, and then press enter. If the File list contains the document then double-click on the document to open it in Word. If the File list does not contain the document then go In Windows Vista, at first Click on the start button, then type the document name in the to next step.

If you want to Search Word backup files

At first Click on the Start button, and now type *.wbk in the Start Search box and then press enter button. If the File list contains the backup file then repeat the steps If the File list does not contain the backup file then continue to next step

If you want to Search for temporary files

If the previous methods do not find the file then try to recover temporary files. And if you want to do this, follow these steps. At first click on the Start button, then type .tmp in the Start Search box after that press enter. Now on the Show only toolbar, you have to click on other. Now Scroll through the files and search for files which match the last few dates and times that you edited the document. If you want to find the document which one you are looking for, then continue to next step.

If you want to Search Auto Recover files

If the preceding method does not locate the missing file then you have to search for Auto Recover files.  Word searches for Auto Recover files each time that it starts, and displays all which it finds in the Document Recovery task pane.