HP laptops feature a HP Recovery Manager is an user friendly application that helps you recover your HP notebook from many different technical failures. HP Recovery Manager is essentially a tool for ensuring data security in the event of various hardware and software failures.

Different ways to recover your HP laptop

  • Create a set of operating system recovery disks
  • Backup and restore important files
  • Reinstall specific drivers and applications
  • Restore computer settings to an earlier point in time
  • Check the condition of the PC and installed files
  • Do not remove the HP Recovery partition

Why perform a recovery?

You may have accidentally moved, deleted or corrupted vital system files which are irreparable. Another scenario prompting you to recover your PC could be that your PC is infected by malware or virus that cannot be removed by software designed to counter it. The hard disk may be physically damaged reducing its capacity to be able to store files on the medium. Sometimes you may find the computer is responding too slowly, that can be resolved via restoring the PC to factory settings which are optimum.

Use the HP Recovery Manager from within Windows Vista

If the PC is in a working condition and opens to the desktop, you can use the HP Recovery Manager on the hard drive to restore the PC to the original factory condition by following the steps below.

  1. Click Start, All Programs, Recovery Manager and then Recovery Manager . Allow the action to continue, if prompted. The HP Recovery Manager opens.
  2. Click Advanced options , System recovery , and then Next . The PC will restart and reopen the recovery manager. If Advanced options is disabled, click Next , and then System Recovery . The PC will restart.
  3. When the PC restarts, select the System recovery option and click Next.
  4. If prompted to use the Microsoft System Restore program, click No , and then click Next .
  5. When prompted, select the Back up your files first (recommended) option, and then click Next . Follow on-screen instructions.

Restore with the HP Recovery Manager if Windows Vista is not accessible

  1. Press the Power button to start the PC, and then press the f11 key when the standard BIOS prompts are displayed on the black screen.
  2. If the HP Recovery Manager can access the recovery partition on the hard drive, a prompt to backup the user files before beginning the recovery is displayed. Follow any on-screen instructions.
    • If the HP Recovery Manager cannot access the hard drive to fix any system errors, you will need to use the personalized recovery disc that you created to recover the hard drive to its original condition.
    • If you have not created the personalized recovery disc, or the discs are corrupted, you can order a replacement recovery disc from HP.
  3. When the Recovery Manager starts, follow the  step-by-step recovery instructions shown above.

The PC immediately begins formatting the hard drive and destroying all data. The recovery process may take up to several hours and will return the PC to its original condition. Any custom settings, drivers, software programs and updates, and/or hardware updates are lost and must be reinstalled.