Windows 7 is also a chain of operating systems for personal computers. It is a version of Microsoft Windows. It is a new technology that can be installed on business and home desktops, note books, laptops, media center computers and tablet PCs. This Window was released on 22nd July, 2009. Windows Vista was the predecessor of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will succeed Windows 7. However, the date is yet not confirmed.

However, are you going with your new PC and really interested in registering Windows 7 Upgrade? If your answer is Yes then this article may, obviously, serve you great. In this article I am going to summarize the method of registering Windows 7 Upgrade on your new PC. If you use a Windows 7 Upgrade license then you can save up to $100 against the cost of the full version. Moreover, if you have a complete copy of Windows Vista or Windows XP then it would be easier option to install or reinstall the old version of Windows.

Before going with all the necessary instructions regarding registration, we should have a brief look upon the things required in this registration. First of all you should have your PC. Beside this, your PC should have installed Windows 7 Upgrade and a comparatively old version of Windows. Last but not the least, you should have internet access.

Now its time moving towards instructions. First of all press the start menu button. Here you will find a text box ‘Search Programs and Files’. Type ‘Re get it’ in that text box and press Enter key. When you will press the enter key you will find ‘User Account Controls’ window. Click the option of ‘Yes’ and finally it will open a registry editor.

You have to click those arrows present next to registry key. In that way you will get access to a registry folder. Now double click on ‘Media Boot Install’ key present in the OOBE folder. At the moment also change the vale from one to zero.

Again press the start menu. Type ‘cmd’ in the search bar ‘Search Programs and Files’. After that right click on short cut that will appear at the top. Here you will find another option ‘Run as administrator’. Select this option and click the icon ‘Yes’ appeared on ‘User Account Controls’ window. After this action a new command will automatically open. You have to type rearm/ slmgr in this command line window. Now press enter key. The action has been done. Now close the command window and reboot the Windows 7.

You will find that Windows 7 Upgrade and start running. To register and upgrade the Windows 7 properly, you have to click on Start menu button. Right click on ‘My Computer’ and you will find several other options there. Select the option ‘properties’. Click on it and you will get a bar. In this bar you should type the product key and finally you will find your Windows 7 activated and registered. Now you can definitely enjoy with Windows 7 Upgrade.