MSN 9 Dial-up, which was earlier known as MSN Explorer is an application for connecting to the Microsoft’s Dial-up Internet service. This service is for people who have subscribed to the MSN’s Dial-up service and have an active account. If you do not have MSN 9 dial-up on your Windows Vista or have accidentally removed it then it can again be reinstalled with ease. Before you could download it on your computer you need to establish internet connection using some other Dial-up connection or any other Internet connection at some other place.

Once your computer is connected to the Internet you are all set to download the new MSN 9 Dial-up and this can be done by opening the web browser and going to This is the official download page for MSN Dial-up and it also tells you about the plans in case you are a new user. Click on the button titled “Get it Now” and you will be directed to another page. In this page enter your or email id. This ID should be the one which you would have received while signing up with MSN Dial-up Internet Service, so use this particular ID and not any other MSN or Hotmail ID which you have. After providing the User ID and Password click “Sign In”. Once you successfully Sign in, click on Download now to download the installation files of MSN 9 Dial-up application. Save the file on your hard drive and once the download finishes you can double click on the file to begin installation. The installation will again ask you to enter your account information and you need to enter your MSN Dial-up’s User id and Password. Installer will also ask you for the telephone number which you would connect to for establishing the dial-up connection. If you do not remember this number then it can be obtained from customer service of MSN Dial-up. This number is location specific so make sure that you enter correct number when asked. After entering the number the Installation will continue and will install MSN 9 Dial-up application on your computer.

Minimum requirements for installing MSN 9 Dial-up are very low and if you have Windows Vista running on your computer then you certainly can install MSN 9 Dial-up without even thinking of its minimum requirements.

MSN 9 Dialup has some advance features and it gives you the liberty to keep yourself safe while browsing the internet through it. It has built in protection against Viruses and Spywares powered by McAfee personal firewall, and McAfee Virus Guard. It has Webroot Spy Sweeper which monitors your internet traffic and blocks any malicious software entering you computer. It also includes a download accelerator called as MSN Dial-up Accelerator which help you in downloading the content quickly from the internet. It has a Connection Center with which you can easily manage your Dial-up connection and various other settings of the application. Another new feature which might interest many users is the Photo Plus which allows you to organise your images and photographs and using Photo Plus you can even share the pictures amongst your friends easily. It helps you in creating and sharing your own online albums. To give unmatched support and services a 24×7 help line is available for MSN 9 Dial-up users.