Computers working on Windows Vista Operating System are tremendously powerful to work with in terms of versatility. Its dynamic feature of managing remotely has brought in a lot of efficiency and support to the companies as well as individuals.  The Operating System is quite resourceful to be an efficient worker for LAN and internet domains.  As such, it supports exchange of documents at ease for all users.

Controlling the Desktop

You can view the desktop of another computer and carry out the tasks you want remotely like controlling programs on that computer. This includes even those computers which are protected against unauthorized access with Firewall and such other software.  It is somewhat like a robotic action of obeying the commands locally, but issued from your computer sitting somewhere else.

The remote access software

This becomes possible due to the remote access software designed for Windows Vista with distinct features of remote functioning.  This software is versatile enough to carry out several functions from a remote command given through the keyboard. Some of these are:

  • Remote management of power from a simple turn off to reboot,
  • Viewing the desktop of a remotely located computer on the   network,
  • Control the desktop by changing the viewing modes, screen resolution and document transferring.

Windows Vista manages these remote functions with full protection against intrusions. The remote access software is fully guarded to abort influence of any malwares thus remains fully secured against any unauthorized leak of data or controls. Here are some of such features:

  1. Data Encryption
  2. Internet protocol filtering
  3. Denial of control from any unauthorized system
  4. Protection of the password and some more.

Getting your PCs ready for remote management

Windows Vista performs at a high speed; at the same time, Microsoft has designed it in a user friendly way.  Your computer is ‘Administrative Computer’ and the machine you want to bring under the control of the same network is ‘Host Computer’. There are two different modules for these two computers; logically, these are the Admin Module and Host module. You will, require to download the distinct packages on either of the machines and install the set up.  Now you got to follow some simple steps to be ready for remote managing.  Start the ‘Administrative Computer’ the way you do it and make an access to the ‘Internet Gateway’ of Microsoft web server to be powered with ready access to a ‘Host Computer’. You will be prompted to add the IP adders of the Host Computer on the address book for ready access directly whenever you want. The access will be an easy affair of activating the connect switch. Thereafter it is totally your decision, whether you want to view the desktop or control, the screen or go for some other commands.

In a nut shell, you are fully powered to exercise all the controls and give commands from a remote place. You are never handicapped due to your presence in a different place, but work exactly with confidence exactly as you would do when present in the office. Your power is immense making the distances irrelevant.