Many people browse through the Internet everyday for work and entertainment purposes. The uses of the Internet are many; however, despite its advantages, it can be harmful too. Without being aware of it, your system can pick up several viruses from any website you might have surfed through. Such viruses and malware can be harmful as they not only do severe damage to the system but can also steal important information from your PC. Avoiding virus is not always helpful as despite taking many precautions, the computer can still get infected.

Instructions to remove a System Security Spybot

For its removal, you require a Windows Vista/Windows XP operating system, an Antivirus and Spyware application, and Windows Update; then follow the steps as below.

Step 1: First of all, your currently installed Antivirus program needs to be updated on your computer. There are daily updates by Antivirus programs in order to keep a regular check on new viruses, detect them and delete them from the system. If your Antivirus software hasn’t been updated lately, you can manually do so. It can be done by right clicking on the Antivirus icon in the system tray of your computer and then selecting the ‘Update’ option. Another way to update your Antivirus is by accessing the Control Panel and going to the ‘Settings’ menu to update. The important Antivirus software that provide the ‘Update’ option are Norton Antivirus, Avast, AVG and McAfee.

Step 2: Open the spyware protection program on your system and update it as well, to ensure it can detect any new versions of a Spydot virus that may be hiding in other areas. To update it, right click the spyware icon in your computer’s system tray and choose the ‘Search for New Updates’ option. Important spyware programs available are Spybot Search and Destroy, Windows Defender and Ad Ware.

Step 3: For latest Microsoft updates, launch the Windows Update tool, by clicking on ‘start’ and selecting ‘Windows Update’. Alternatively, it can be accessed through start>Control Panel>Security. To open it, click on the ‘Check for Updates’ link under ‘Security’.

Step 4: You can disable the ‘System Restore’ function on the computer as many viruses and spyware hide in the section. They track your usage and entered data and can also stop you from properly accessing a program. Right click on the Computer/My Computer icon on the desktop and select ‘Properties’. For Windows Vista, users can click on ‘System Protection’ for turning off the ‘System Restore’ function. In the window that appears, you need to uncheck the option next to the hard drive. For an XP computer, the ‘System Properties’ window would open automatically. Then click on ‘System Restore’ and place a check on the box next to ‘Turn off System Restore’. To culminate, reboot the computer for a fresh start and for removing any traces of the Spybot virus.

If the virus is still found by the end of these steps, the Antivirus programs on the system will try to remove it after a virus check. If you are still unable to remove it, take help from a computer professional.