We use passwords to protect our computer; passwords are combination of alphanumeric characters. Sometimes it is very confusing to remember those passwords, so you can remove the password. If you forgot the administrator password then the whole system will get locked and you are not able to perform any task on the system.

You can remove the Windows XP administrator password by following these instructions.


To remove the administrator password, you need a Windows XP setup CD. Now insert the CD into the CD drive and reboot the system, now you will see a message press any key to boot from the CD. Now press any key to start the setup.


When you press the enter button, the setup will start and you have to enter license agreements. Now the setup will ask you to select between a fresh setup or repair the computer, you have to choose repair the computer option.


To start the repair process you need to press the “R” key. When you press the key system will start copying necessary files, the process will take several minutes to complete. When the process will get completed, reboot the system and try to reboot it normally.


Now the setup will start installing programs, during this keep your eyes on the lower left side of the screen. You have to press F10 and shift at the same time, by doing so you will move to a command console.


In the command line console you need to type NUSRMGR.CPL, and press enter. Now you will get access to user accounts, now you just have to change the username and administrator password, you can also remove the previous password. You will have three passwords to enter, leave the second and third box blank to remove the administrator password. After finishing click OK, it will save the settings and close the password box. After finishing all these processes, reboot the computer and start with new password.

You can simple remove the administrator password if you do not want to set a new password.  To remove the password you just need to do some simple steps. Just open the command prompt and type control userpasswords2. Now you have to uncheck the box which says users must use username and password to use this computer. After doing this you will never asked to enter passwords.

You can also delete the administrator password if it is available. To do so, go to control panel, now click user account option. To delete the administrator password open the administrator account and select reset password option to reset the password. When you click on the reset password, then a dialogue box will appear. You just have to leave the two passwords boxes empty. It will set a blank password for the administrator account. To check if the process is finished or not, reboot the system you will not asked to enter password. If the system is not assigned with administrator account then reboot the system, press F8 and you will be in safe mode. In safe mode you will get access to the administrator account, there you can change or remove the passwords.