There are number of malicious programs available to annoy you and to attack the system. One of the most annoying and dangerous malware is Antivirus 2009; it will tell you that it is an anti-virus program. It will do nothing to protect the computer but bombard the computer with pop-ups. It does nothing but it will force you to buy their software and it will disable your antivirus program. When the antivirus will get disabled you will not be able to remove the Antivirus 2009. Now, in this article we will teach you how to remove Antivirus 2009 for free. By using the instructions given below; you will save hundreds of dollars and these are very simple steps to remove the virus.

Follow the instruction given below step by step.


The first and foremost step is to have an internet connection and we will tell you about a program or tool to remove this virus. You must be familiar with the several pop-ups, just do not click on them. The pop-up says “this computer is infected” or similar pop-ups. So do not click on them just press alt+f4 to close those for your safety.


Now, open the browser and go to www. and, just click on the download link provided by them. By using this malware program; you can detect and destroy antivirus 2009. So, install the new program and make sure that all the windows and other programs are closed. After installation they will update themselves.


After installing the program, open the program and go to scanner tab. It is very easy to find the scanner tab; it will be toward the top of the program screen. Now, choose a full scan of the system and press start. It will take some time to scan the whole system, so, be patient and you can perform other important work meanwhile.


After some time, you will see that scan is completed and you will get a new pop-up, press ok and then press show results.


Now look at the results and check all the boxes left to each infection and click remove selected button.


After completion of entire steps, you will see a log opened in notepad. If you want to save it, save otherwise ignore it. Now you get rid of the Antivirus 2009.

While scanning the system, keep some important points in mind such as, in the regular windows the malware byte will not be able to clean all the traces of Antivirus 2009. You can remove them by scanning the computer in safe mode. Press F8 when computer is getting started to boot the computer in safe mode. Sometimes, it also infects your USB. So, it is very important to scan those drives as well. This technique is tested well on computers but it may be the case it will not work on your computer.