It is a new trend now, where a Virus or Spyware disguises itself as a legitimate Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware and installs on a machine. It performs fake scans on the computer and asks the user to spend some money in buying the complete edition. Not all but many of the users even end up paying money to buy a Virus for their computers. One of the most commonly spread Virus from this family of disguise is named as Antivirus live. It is also known as Windows Antivirus, XP Anti-Virus, Anti-Virus Pro, System Anti-Virus, Spyware Guard 2008, General Anti-Virus, Vista Anti-Malware, and Total Security. Each of these infections has its own way of intrusion but the common feature in all of them is the way they fool the users by running fake scans. It pops up automatically and stays there. Users cannot close it as the close button doesn’t work. In the Window it shows as if it is scanning the hard drive and takes a decent time in scanning the same. It also keeps on displaying a list of Infections (fake list) that it finds on your hard drive for the users to panic and trust this Virus. Once the scan is complete it asks the user to purchase the full product to clean these infections completely and only then it can be closed. Most of the users eventually end up paying money to this and gets cheated.

People who are smart enough to understand the difference between legitimate and fake products can easily identify such infection because no legitimate application stays permanently on the screen and compel the user to purchase it. Moreover this scan starts every time you start your computer and there is no way to stop it without removing it carefully from the registry and other system folders.

In this post I will let you know some steps of removing this kind of infection.


First you need to close all the running tasks, so that the infection don’t interfere the removal process. This can be done by clicking Start Button and then opening the Run Window. In the Run box type the following command in full, without quotes “taskkill /t /f /im explorer.exe” and press Enter.


Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and open the Task Manager. Now click on the New Task button and type and run “Explorer.Exe”.


Open Run Box again from the Start menu and execute the command – “MSCONFIG”, to open the system Configuration Window.


Click on the Startup Tab and Disable all the entries their by pressing the Disable All button and clicking on Apply.


Restart the Computer once and then download and Install a free removal utility called MalwareBytes. MalwareBytes has a very good user feedback and is the best cleaning tool for such kind of infections.


Run a complete scan of your hard drive using this cleaning tool and this will remove the infections of Anti-Virus Live.