Antivirus is just like any  safeguard for a home called computer. Just like we keep security guards or lock the doors for preventing any intrusion, the same is true for antivirus safeguards in a computer for any intrusion. One can easily get rid of viruses, Malware, Trojans and Spyware with the presence of the antivirus software on your system. However, mostly it’s not an easy task to get rid of and remove malware or any other malicious program by going for a “system restore”, and when it comes to antivirus software, things are quite different.

This is an excerpt which will tell you how to prevent antivirus soft processes, at the same time remove Antivirus soft once and for all and restore your access to internet.

Most importantly for any and every task there are certain prerequisites which need to be completed and similarly while removing malwares we need Rkill software download and Anti-mal ware like Mal ware bytes, before we could actually start the removal process.

Step one

Reboot you computer and at the time of system start up press F8 to take your computer to the advanced boot menu screen there select the safe mode option. Ensure you have chosen to this option “Safe mode with Networking” by hitting “Enter” key from your keyboard.

Step two

Some infections don’t permit you to login on to the internet facility due the changes it does in the settings of your “Internet Explorer” or Mozilla Firefox settings. You have to alter the settings in order to allow yourself an access on to the “Internet” to download the above mentioned utilities (Malware Bytes) & program in order to remove the ill effect of the malware.

Step three

If you are using the Internet Explorer then you must go to the “Tools” menu under the “Internet options” and select the connections type tab, here you may select the LAN {Local Area Network} settings tab. In the prompted window, under proxy server make sure to uncheck the option of “use a proxy server for your LAN” and apply by pressing the “OK” tab.


Step four

You will then require ending the processes that fall under Anti-virus software. To do so, you will be required to have “Rkill” software downloaded and installed on your system.

Step five

Once you’re done with installation, wait patiently until the Rkill checks the malwares on your system and deletes them up and be patient when you do so. Do not close the warnings produced since it will adversely close rkill function. Once the “Rkill” has done its work, it will indicate by showing up a black window which then closes. Remember not to reboot the system once you have “Rkill” ran on your PC or otherwise it will cause the malware t begin again.

Step Six

Once you have the Anti-malware downloaded and installed on your system, you will then required to run the Anti-mal ware’s Quick scan which will then detect the Anti-virus soft kind of mal wares and thus, detect them to give them a permanent end.