Authentium Inc is the developers of the Command Antivirus range of products that are used by a single users as well by enterprise sector. Its client versions are CSAV for Windows Vista for Client Only, 32-Bit 4.95.0, CSAV for Windows XP/2000/2003 4.95 and CSAV for Windows Legacy (NT 4.0/98/95) with full updates and legacy support. The enterprise versions are Galileo Central Management Console for Management Server, Galileo Command Central Snap-in and CSAV Client for Enterprise for Windows XP/2000/2003.

While the Command Antivirus program is an excellent tool for protecting your PC against any kind of viruses, malwares and malicious programs without staying on the hard drive of your computer with updated virus profile every twenty four hour, there may be cases when you have to remove the Command Antivirus program from your computer. You may have to get the upgraded version of this program or you may simply want to some other antivirus software on your system. The reason can vary but the main thing is that you have to remove the Command Antivirus program from your computer. Command Antivirus program is a robust antivirus program with a high degree of resilience against viruses, so you have to remove it from your computer manually. But do not worry, you can and will do it with ease.

Just follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: It will be good if you install the Microsoft CleanUp utility on your computer. This will help uninstall theAuthentium Antivirus completely from your computer. Sometimes, there may remain some entries in the window registry after a program is uninstalled from your computer. This can result in the slow performance of your computer. Microsoft CleanUp utility will help cleaning those leftover bits and pieces.

Step 2: Now proceed by opening the CleanUp utility and choose Command Anti-Virus software from it. After that click on the Remove button. Restart the computer after the removal process is completed.

Step 3: Now you need to open your computer in safe mode. You have to do it by pressing F8 button on your keyboard while your computer is still booting. This will open your computer in safe mode. While your computer is in Safe Mode, access your C drive by clicking on My Computer icon on the desktop of your computer. Here you click on Show hidden files.

Step 4: In the list that will be displayed, you will find AK. Delete the folder. Now you need to open the Program files directory from the C drive so that you can delete Command Software and Authentium folders. Delete the Command and Authentium files by opening the Common Files directory.

Step 5: Now you have to type some commands on the command prompt. For this Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously so that the Run dialog box open. Type Command Prompt in the box and hit Enter.

Step6: You need to type the following commands:

sc delete dvpapi
sc delete avinitnt
sc delete schscnt

Step7: you can exit the Command Prompt now. Restart the computer normally to find Authentium removed from your system.