Avira is also one of the best antivirus programs available in the market but it also has the same problem which all other anti-virus programs have. It is very hard to completely uninstall or remove any anti-virus program from the system and Avira application is no exception for that.

You might need to remove anti-virus application for various reasons like when you have purchased any other security software and it is not advisable to use two anti-virus applications on a single computer. Sometime you might also need to uninstall anti-virus program to re-install the application for the internet troubleshooting or problem related to operating system.

You should not expect the Avira security application will be completely remove by just removing it from add/remove program wizard. You will have to use some third-party removal tools to remove Avira from your computer.

Here are some of the major steps to completely uninstall Avira anti-virus application from computer:

There are two major steps to remove Avira which involves removing software using add/remove wizard and then using the Avira registry cleaner and removal tool to remove the remaining traces of the application

The following steps can be performed in Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems


Go to Control Panel and click on Add/Remove programs. This will open a list of programs installed on your computer and you need to select the option for Avira. Select the Avira application from the list and click on Remove (in XP), Uninstall (in Vista).


This will initiate the un-installation process and you must let the process be completed. It will ask you to restart the computer after the un-installation process is finished.  Click on OK to restart the computer.

You can also remove the program by using the manufacture’s un-installation utility.


Once the removal process is completed then you will need to install registry cleaner tool from the Avira website. You can also use the other free regiatry cleaner tool like RegCleaner to remove the traces of the application from the Windows registry. The application cannot be considered completely removed from the system if any trace is left in the registry.

Restart your computer one more time after you run the registry cleaner tool. You must also be very cautious while using any registry cleaner tool and you must not remove any entry which can damage the system file.