Microsoft Excel is the best spreadsheet application ever designed and developed. It has gained such immense popularity because of its customizable nature and numerous options for inserting, saving, manipulating, calculating, and displaying of the data. With Excel, you can create smart reports on the basis of data saved in its spreadsheets and a lot more. However, insertion of data in Excel is simple but when it comes to clearing of the data or some of the properties of the data it at times is a little difficult. In this post we will talk about hyperlinks in Excel. Hyperlink, as we all know is a property of text by which user goes to some other pre-defined page on clicking the text. Hyperlinks are mostly used in Web applications but are also frequently used in Excel for navigating through various cells or worksheets. Adding a hyperlink to any cell is quite simple and you can do it just by right clicking any cell and then selecting Hyperlink option in the context menu and to remove the Hyperlink you just need to right click the cell again and select “Remove Hyperlink”. But this approach of removing the Hyperlink doesn’t work with more than one cell.

So here I will let you know how to just clear the Hyperlinks from multiple cells in one go without losing the actual content of the cells.


Use the CTRL key and select all the cells which have Hyperlinks in them.


Now apply the format which should be there after the Hyperlinks get removed.

Note: Now you will see that the visibility of Hyperlinks is gone, but when the pointer will still change in Hand shaped pointer when you will move the mouse over those cells. This tells us that only the display has been changed but the property of the cell still carries the Hyperlink’s value.


Click on any Empty cell and type number 1 in it.


Press CTRL+C to copy this cell to the clipboard.


Use the CTRL key to again select all the cells which holds the Hyperlink property in them.


Once the selection is done right click on any of the selected cells and select Paste Special from the context menu.


Step 6 will open the Paste Special window for you and in this Window there is a radio button called Multiply, under the operation section. Leave all the other selections as default but in Operation section select Multiply.


Click on OK

Now, you will see that the Hyperlinks have all gone and those cells will be like any other normal cell. If you wish you can further format the cells as per your design. Formatting of the cells is important because when a cell has a Hyperlink in it the display of its text is set to Blue and Underlined, which needs to be removed later on. So with the steps given above you can remove all the Hyperlinks within a given range in just one go.