Windows 7 has presented us with the unique and attractive icons and animation features that don’t slow down the processing like it was in Windows Vista. You can enjoy the faster speed, more control and great performance by installing Windows 7. It’s reliable and offers more secure environment. You might face some compatibility problems with the old frameworks; but those issues have also been handled in the upcoming Windows 8 which is going to create hype in industry sooner.

Most of the users of Windows 7 feel quite comfortable working with its great features including bigger icons, jump lists, pinning options and help text with its innovative look and enhanced features. Although, Windows 7 has combined the features of Windows Vista and XP, and has brought performance, speed and attractive look for its users; but there are still certain features that are totally different in Windows 7 compared to the older versions. Some of us feel comfortable working with enhanced icons without text or title; whereas few users have been observed being bothered because of the iconic approach.

Windows 7 taskbar is one of the tools in Windows 7 that has brought new features for its users. Some of these features are certainly appreciated by the advanced as well as novel users; whereas some features like thumbnails and no title text sometimes bothers people, especially apprentice users.  But it’s not a compulsion to keep these features enabled always; rather you can also disable some features.

Icons on the taskbar are helpful for the advanced users, but for a neophyte user it can be a cause of concern, so such consumers can certainly remove or hide icons from windows 7 task bar by following a simple method.

Steps to show/hide Icons from Task Bar Notification Area


  1. Move the mouse pointer at the sizing handle of Quick Launch Toolbar. Check if the task bar is locked or unlocked. In case it’s locked, unlock it in order to be able to move the windows 7 task bar.
  2. Now the mouse pointer will convert into a double headed arrow.
  3. Click on the double headed arrow. Now you can re-size the toolbar to show or hide the icons from the notification area.

Remove an icon from the taskbar

  1. Removing the icon will not remove it completely from the background; rather you can re-enable that anytime by enabling the corresponding program.
  2. To hide an icon on the task bar, move the cursor at the empty task bar area.
  3. Right click on the empty area, and go to the item which you want to hide.
  4. Click on the option “Unpin this program from task bar”.

Although, showing the icons on the task bar is mostly helpful, but if you are getting annoyed because of too many icons present on the task bar, then you can easily follow the above mentioned methodology and hide these icons from the area. Follow the easy steps and enjoy with the best operating system ever with maximum quality and improvement.