Microsoft office home & student Edition 2007 is specifically aimed for home makers and students. It comes with MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel and also a new edition MS OneNote.

Why to remove it?

After trial version, if you like the product and to convert it then you need not uninstall the trial version. But if you are getting a new MS office 2007 product, it is better to remove the trial version.

In order to remove use,

Add/Remove Program

It sometimes gets tricky to remove Microsoft office home & Student .Standard is to remove it through Add/Remove Programs. Take ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS from CONTROL PANEL. Scrolling down, find the Microsoft Office 2007. Click on it and then click REMOVE. The Program should be uninstalled.

Perfect Uninstaller & Force uninstall Microsoft Office

If you can’t remove by Add/Remove programs, try the third party product such as ‘Perfect uninstaller’. If that doesn’t work, try ‘Force uninstall Microsoft Office‘.

  • Locate the folder in your hard drive where Microsoft office is installed.
  • Start the ‘force uninstaller’ by right clicking on the folder.
  • Follow the screen hints and click ‘next’ whenever required to completely remove Microsoft office home & student edition.

Reliable Choice

Use this only if you are unable to remove it by any other means. Follow the steps listed below.

Step 1

  • First Step is to delete the Windows Installer Packages .To do this you have to uninstall each .msi file where the subject is “Microsoft Office Product_Name 2007” and type ‘340’ in the Width column of the subject. You can run installer and click on details in the view menu to open subject.

Step 2

  • Next step is Stopping MS Office Source Engine Service. For this, run services.msc and in the service window if you see it running, right click and stop it.

Step 3

  • Next is to delete Installation folders. Delete Office 12 and Source Engine files by running%CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared. Next locate MSOCache folder, open and delete all folders if it has 0FF1CE)- in the folder name. This folder can be opened by running %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office.

Step 4

  • In this step delete Installation files. For this run %appdata%\microsoft\templates and delete files ‘Normal.dotm’, ‘Normalemail.dotm’ and Building blocks.dotx. Next run %temp%. Then Select All from Edit Menu and Click Delete on File. After this run %AllUsersprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Data and delete file Opa12.dat

Step 5

  • Final step is to delete Registry Subkeys. Open the registry and Click on the subkey KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0 .On the File, click Export, type DeletedKey01, and Click Save. On the Editmenu, click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm it. Repeat this for each subkey.
  • Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall. On File menu, click Export and typeUninstallKey01, and Save. Under the Uninstall subkey that you located, click each subkey, and find out if the values for Name and Data are UninstallString and file_name path\OfficeSetup Controller\Setup.exe path respectively.If it is so click Delete on the Editmenu. Repeat the same for all matching subkeys.
  • Close the Editor and restart the computer.