This included only basic special features, the type of the simple text transfer of communications and simplified list of contact. [10], when this was first released, this showed support to access to the network OF THE PURPOSE of service AOL. Service AOL continuously tried to block Microsoft from the presence of access to their maintenance to in the final analysis, special feature was removed, and this not repeatedly floated up not in what later versions of software since then, software only allowed connection with its own maintenance, requiring Windows the living certification (formally .NET passport then) calculation to be connected. Microsoft let out the first main refinement, version 2.0 (2.0.0083), on November 16, 1999. This included rotation advertising banner and the ability to dispose the appearance of a window of chat room. This arrived as the established possibility for Windows me. This version was of in the following year version 3.0 (3.0.0080), which was released on May 29, 2000. This shifted the gears of file, also, PC- ON -Pc the ability audio PC-ON- TELEPHONE from Net2Phone, one of the first suppliers VOIP together with the release Windows XP it arrived the version of 4.6 messengers MSN, on October 23, 2001. This included basic changes in the user interface, capability for the contacts of group, and to support to the conversations of voice. [13] in this version, software of a client was renamed from “the care of messenger MSN” to only “messenger MSN,”, while basic maintenance became known as “.NET the care of messenger,” this name held since then. This version was only compatible with Windows 95, 98, Windows ME, NT 4.0, and Windows 2000, because Microsoft, if scale downward new program for Windows XP, named by the messenger Windows, by whom this initially intended to replace messenger MSN by Windows XP. That strategy changed, when the version of 5.0 messengers MSN was released on October 24, 2002. This was the first version, for which they made possible to be established together with the messenger Windows on Windows XP this included UPnP (universal plug and game) the based transfers of file, low-order changes to the user artistic works of interface, and the program expansion of the interface of player the media Windows.

In the following year, the version of 6.0 messengers MSN was released on July 17, 2003. Messenger MSN 6.0 was the main revision of entire platform, modernizing its simple interface on the basis of text in order to include the tuned elements, the type of emoticons, personified personifications, and substantiations. Refinement was concentrated during the improvements to the window of conversation, giving the possibility to users to hide window frame and strip of menu, and also the ability to change the color of theme. The color of theme could be established differently for each user. Another refinement, version 6.2, was released on April 22, 2004, and this was the last version of the messenger MSN of 6 rows. The most known changes were the mobile group dedicated themselves for the mobile contacts, the emergency fitter of connection, and the special feature of launch pad was renamed to the entertainment and the games.

Computer users, bloggers and experts of safety PC know well about many questions of the incompatibility of the unloaded programs, statements and freely extended guarantee with the prospect Windows. A messenger MSN and questions of the person of the users of a messenger of yahoo, type are recorded error, the load of the lists of friends, and the sudden wreck of messenger. If at present installed version of messenger MSN continues to give to you problems, then it is recommended so that you would remove the messenger MSN from your computer before the remounting of this again. The removal of messenger MSN from your portable computer or table computer implicates several simple steps. Press button “Start Of menu”, located on the left base of the strip of the task of your computer. Roll toward “the control panel” presses on this. Roll downward to messenger MSN from the list of the programs, which are opened. Select this. Correct flick on “the messenger MSN”. Flick from the list of possibilities, It changes or repair shown on the window of popularity.