The Windows Vista takes some of the best features that are present in the Windows XP and then they are expanded on them. For example, the connectivity of the internet is much easier for setting up as well as for managing in Windows Vista operating system. For some of the people it is quite a simple task as you plug in the network cable and then activate your Internet Explorer. But if you desire to have the control over the connectivity of your network it is also possible for removing the old connections of the network whenever you want to.

Things you need

For the sake of doing this task you would need to have the privileges of the administrator and the Windows Vista operating system for doing the operation.

How to remove old connections of network

When you wish to remove the old network connections in Windows Vista operating system then you should first use the mouse and then click on the start menu and then choose the Control Panel. Once the control panel is loaded then you should click on the button of Network and Internet and then choose the Network and sharing center. Then click on the tab of manage network connections. In the scroll box, look for all of the connections which you want to remove. It depends greatly on the number of connections which you have in Windows Vista currently and it is also possible that you might have to scroll down a little for finding the one which you actually want to remove. Once you have found the connection which you want to remove then click on it and then click on the button of Remove.

Confirming the removal

When you have clicked the remove button then you would need to confirm your action by pressing yes when you are asked whether you are sure of your action and want to remove the connection. You can also press no or cancel in order to get back to the previous screen and for preventing the removal of the connection. Also note that you can change the network connections with the help of the network wizard which is available in the Windows Vista. You can just click on the start button and then connect to and then show all connections. Select the network connection which you want to change by right clicking on it and then select the option which you want. You can also select the option to disable the connection which would almost have the same effect like removing it completely, rendering it inactive. Press the key of delete after you have clicked on the network connection which is present in the windows of the Network connection. This would be deleting the connection completely in the same manner as removing it from the Control Panel.

There is no problem of keeping the network connection in your system and you can have as many as you want but the only thing for which you should do this is to remove the clutter from the interface.