System Security antivirus virus is a rogue antivirus is a known fact across the world, especially among tech professionals and those who have been attacked by it. It is obtained without knowledge from the web, from the Winweb malware program. By running fake scans, it often leads people to download the complete software package, resulting in time and money wastage. Not only that, it infects the computer and slows down the speed of the system. If you have an antivirus software already installed, its proper functioning can also be disrupted by this malicious package.

Manual Removal by Stopping the System Security Process


Apart from its ability to cause havoc into the system, the System Security application, as mentioned before, stops the programs, especially the reliable antivirus package, from functioning properly by its continuous display of pop up messages. For its complete removal, it is often suggested to go for a manual removal. The most important thing to consider in the matter is stopping the virus program from running, in order to delete it. For doing this, you need to download the Windows Process Explorer program. When the download is completed, the file ‘procexp.exe’ needs to be right clicked on, and renamed to ‘explorer.exe’. Then double click on the file icon and run the program. Look for a process on ‘Process Explorer’, which starts with eight or more numbers, followed by the .exe file extension. Next to the process, you will see an icon of a shield that needs to be selected. To kill the process, click on the red ‘X’ button and then select ‘Yes’ for confirmation. The virus process would be halted from running on the system.

Deleting System Security Files


After the virus process is stopped from running, you would be able to remove the malware files. Press the Windows and ‘E’ key together to open the computer’s file explorer. Then the director ‘%UserProfile%c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\’ needs to be opened. Then look in the Application Data folder for a folder containing six or more random numbers. Delete all files within the folder after it is found. Within the folder, you will find an executable file containing six or more random numbers that is the executable program for the virus. The numbers containing the executable file’s name should be made note of.

Removing Registry Entries

The final step in removing the malware application completely from the system is by deleting the entries made into the registry by the virus. For opening the registry editor of the computer, click on ‘start’, type ‘command’ after selecting ‘Run’ and then press the Enter button. In the DOS window that opens up, type ‘regedit’ and press enter. Select ‘Edit, then select ‘Search’ and enter the random numbers that make up the virus’ executable file name. Select the registry entries that come up, delete them and restart the computer normally.

The manual steps for the purpose of removing the System Security virus would ensure that the purpose is achieved without any major difficulties.