System Security is a nasty virus program that can badly affect any computer. It is widely known as a ‘Rogue’ virus because it performs fake scans on your computer and leads you to believe it is infected.


Instructions to remove System Security from a Work Computer

Step 1: You need to download the following programs to a 2 G USB flash drive – a Process Explorer free program, a MalwareBytes free program, free CCleaner program, Avast Free Home Edition Program and SuperAntispyware free program.

Step 2: Now you need to boot the infected machine to the Desktop. Any pop-ups produced by System Security must be ignored or closed.

Step 3: Go to ‘start’, click on the ‘Control Panel’ option, select ‘System’ and then turn off ‘System Restore’; but do not reboot.

Step 4: Insert the flash drive into the USB port of your computer. After right-clicking on ‘start’ and selecting ‘Explore’, search for the flash drive and its contents from the window that appears.

Step 5: The Process Explorer compressed file needs to be extracted then. After double clicking on the ‘Procexp’ icon, click on ‘Run’. You need to agree to the EULA for proceeding further and then run the program. Now look for those listings, which have a small shield icon next to them with a file name like ‘51231676.exe’ or ‘13279294.exe’. After highlighting each of these files, click on the ‘red X’ in the toolbar. To click these processes, answer ‘Yes’ and close the program but don’t reboot.

Step 6: From the flash drive, install Malwarebytes and allow the program to check for updates. After launching the program, choose the ‘Full scan’ option followed by ‘Scan’. Click on ‘Show Results’ once the scan completes and check all the boxes next to the infected files. Click on ‘Remove Selected’, close the program and do not reboot.

Step 7: Now install C Cleaner from the drive. Click ‘Cleaner’ on the top left hand side of the screen and select ‘Run Cleaner’. Click ‘Registry’ on the left and choose ‘Scan for Issues’. Click on the ‘Fix Selected Issues’ box and when asked if you want to back up your registry, select ‘No’. Select ‘Fix all Selected Issues’ and click on ‘OK’. When the cleaning is done, click ‘Close’ and do not reboot.

Step 8: Now install Avast from the drive. When asked about a boot scan, answer ‘yes’ and then the computer will be restarted. It will scan your computer till it finds the first virus. To delete further infected files, press ‘2’ as they are found.

Step 9: Install SuperantiSpyware from the drive to update the program. Click on ‘Preferences’ and uncheck on ‘Start When Windows starts’. Uncheck ‘Show Splash Screen on Start Up’ and select ‘Close’. Click on ‘Scan your computer’ and select your hard drives. After clicking on ‘Perform a Quick Scan’, the infected files will be found. Remove them and do not reboot.

Step 10: Run C Cleaner, reboot and go to Start>Control Panel>System to turn on System Restore.

If you follow the directions with care, it is a safe and risk free procedure.