Now days, one has to think about security of computer before connecting to the Internet. There are so many virus, spyware and other malicious software present out there that can harm your computer. To avoid the chances of being attacked and to protect your computer against these kinds of virus and spyware attacks, you need to install antivirus software on your computer. There are number of antivirus software available today, they promises to protect your computer completely, but, sometimes they do not work as per the market standard. If you are using internet on regular basis then are very much chances to get infected by dangerous viruses or malwares. Sometimes you want to remove one antivirus but antivirus programs are designed to be difficult to remove. Windows uninstaller may not completely remove an antivirus but you can try it initially. To remove Trend antivirus completely from your PC, you can try the steps given below if the uninstaller is not removing every bit of Trend antivirus. The commands given below will work well with Windows and it can also work with Mac.

Follow the instructions given below.


First step is to click on “start”, then “all programs” and in all programs locate the Trend Micro folder. Select uninstall Trend file, after the completion of uninstall process, restart the computer.


You can also use control panel un-installation process. To do so, click “start”, then “control panel”, “add /remove programs”. When you click on the add/remove program icon, after a few seconds you will see list of items or programs. Now locate and highlight the Trend program, click on the program and also click uninstall.


If you want some help from Trend vendors then go to FAQ support pages. In that page, just locate the questions about removing old or new versions and download SupportTool_32-bit.exe (or _64-bit) from and follow instructions.


Now the next step to find and cure any more problems from various bits of trends left behind by editing the Windows registry. We recommend you to get back up before editing the registry because it is the ultimate step and can arouse problems.


Go to the Trend micro folder and find any remaining file names, if they exist then make a note of those files.


Now go to the REGEDIT by clicking start, “Run” and type REGEDIT in the command box. Before doing that you have to backup the registry files by clicking “file”, “Export” and choosing a location to save registries.


Come to the registry edit mode and search for any files related to Trend or any individual file. Just delete each one by clicking “edit” and “delete”. By doing this step you can delete entire files or folders related to Trend Micro. If it is not working then contact Trend Micro Technical support for more information.

Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable in editing and deleting these registries, in that case, immediately contact their technical support using the chart. We also recommend you to backup registries before making any changes to them. It is very important step to do, just do not try to delete them using Microsoft Explorer.