Microsoft Outlook Express is the default e-mail client provided by Microsoft in all its operating systems. This application is very useful for sending and receiving e-mails. Outlook Express downloads the e-mails locally on the hard drive along with all its formatting and attachments so that you can read the mails even when you are not connected to the Internet. This is certainly a great application which is available for free but has several limitations. Microsoft Outlook Express cannot be configured for accessing Exchange e-mails and the maximum storage capacity for Outlook Express is 2GB. So if you have lots of mails with attachments and images then this size is likely to get exhausted very soon. But what happens when file size goes beyond 2GB? It might take long to open e-mails or not open them at all. Once this starts happening you should create a new inbox to not let further damage to occur and save you time and money in retrieving mails from a corrupted inbox. However if you find yourself in such situation then there are several ways by which you can save your precious mails. Let us see how.

Create a new inbox – Outlook Express created separate files for every folder in it. These files are called as DBX files and you will see separate files for separate folders like inbox.dbx, sent.dbx, drafts.dbx etc. To create a new inbox and retrieve emails from old one follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click on ‘Tools’ menu and then click on ‘Options’ in Outlook Express.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Maintenance’ tab on top and then click on the ‘Store Folder’ button.

Step 3: Select and copy the path given here and open this folder in Windows Explorer.

Step 4: Now please close Outlook Express completely.

Step 5: Now please rename the Inbox.Dbx file. It can be renamed as inboxold.dbx

Step 6: Move the inboxold.dbx file on to your desktop.

Step 7: Now open Outlook Express from the ‘Start’ Menu and it will automatically create a new inbox for itself.

Step 8: Go to File -> ‘Import’ option, and import the messages from your old inbox on the desktop and if there was not too much of damage then all your mails will get imported into this new inbox.

The size of the new inbox will again go up to 2 GB so once you get your mails back. Create a new folder and set it as default. Do not download further mails in the same oversized inbox to cause further damage.

Third Party Tools – if you search the Internet you will find many tools available for extracting corrupted e-mail messages from any dbx file. You can try with any of these and see if your problem gets fixed. If not then you need to go for some data recovery options.