To ensure basis in order to include the moved technologies, many of which are connected with the fact, as system it functions and thus not with the readiness visible to user. Example – complete of the architecture of audio, press, demonstration, and of organization of the network of subsystems; although the results of this work are visible to the developers of software, the end users will only see that the fact that it seems evolutionary changes in the user interface.

Prospect includes the technologies, the type Of ready Boost and Ready Drive, which use rapidly memory of flash (located on the engines USB and the hybrid hard disks) in order to improve the index of system, hiding the widely utilized programs about the reserve and data. This is manifested within the improved period of the service of storage battery on also, since hybrid engine can be spun downward if not in the use. Another new technology on the name uses a machine, studying methods in order to analyze the models of use in order to allow prospect Windows to make the intellectual decisions about which the content must be present in the memory of system at any time. This uses almost entire additional RAM as disk hiding-place. In the connection, the automatic built-in disk Windows Of defragmenter is certified, that those statements are strategically placed to the hard disk, where they can be loaded into the memory very rapidly with the smallest quantity of physical motion of hard disk, it read – they write chapters.

As the part of the modernization of net architecture, IPv6 it was completely included in operating system, and many improvements of index were introduced, the type of the measuring window TCP. Earlier versions Windows usually needed the independent radio, which transmits software in order work it must, but the matter proceeds not so with the prospect, which includes the more comprehensive radio, which transmits support.

Prospect Windows has still many diagnostic and tools of repair than its predecessor, Windows XP. One of these special features includes the repair of starting Windows. This serves as the automated tool of the repair, which you can use, if you experience any problems, which start prospect Windows. If, for some reasons, your computer has the loading problem, governing the repair of starting Windows it would be better first solution in the restoration of this. That continued to read in order to learn more.

In order to govern the usefulness of the repair of the starting of prospect Windows, you must load your computer from your DVD of prospect Windows. This in turn requires that you your parameters of tuning basic input-output system, thus your computer can load from the engine ROM DVD. As soon as you your basic input-output system to the boots from the engine ROM DVD, communication will seem those asking you in order ‘to harvest any key to the boots from the CD or DVD. Follow for onscreen by instructions and press, any includes your keyboard. The key, DVD will begin to load after Heath’s your.

After a certain time, the computer will give the first screen to you. You now must select language, time and size of currency, and the method of entrance or keyboard. As soon as you selected entire desirable flick of possibilities repair your computer possibility.

After you clicked “by repair your computer,” the dialog box of system of recovery of options will appear. Select the installation of prospect Windows. If you must load drivers for the specific devices, click by the drivers of load. Click then, when you are finished.

To you they will now give the list of possibilities. Click by selection the possibility of repairing the starting. As soon as you clicked by these, the automatic process of repair will begin. Step 6

Concludes after automated process of repair, system restores screen, it will appear. If you assume that your computer was damaged because of the recent change, it broke into a run, system restores program. Otherwise, they abolish flick.