Changing or replacing your IDE DVD drive to SATA DVD drive isn’t that hard. This is an article that explains how to remove and replace your old IDE to SATA drive. This will reduce the bulk on your computer cables if you switch your unit to SATA. SATA also offers excellent products and services for users as it increases the data transfer speed.

Common motherboards possess ports for IDE and SATA. Most of the motherboards have them both, but, some don’t. You can always convert it or upgrade and install an SATA to the adapters for IDE.

Here are the steps on changing your IDE to SATA.

  1. Always make sure to turn off and unplug the power supply to avoid unexpected incidents before doing this whole procedure.
  2. You can see the two screws on the back of the left panel case; remove that by the use of the handle of the left panel.
  3. From the back of the DVD drive you can find the IDE ribbon, which serves as the power connection, so you must disconnect it to avoid electrocution.
  4. You can see the IDE ribbon is connected to the motherboard, you must also disconnect it, just pull it gently.
  5. In the front of the tower of the DVD drive, hold the two clips out that you can see on either side.
  6. Slide the DVD drive out of the case carefully to avoid damage and scratches.
  7. You can see four screws in the mounts of DVD drive; you can see two on each side, remove them both so that you can remove the mount safely.
  8. Safely install the SATA drive mounts on the case.
  9. In the frontal arae of the case, you can see a clip on it, insert your SATA DVD drive on it until it snaps on its place properly.
  10. On your mother board and your DVD drive, connect the SATA cable on it.
  11. The power supply cable must also be connected on the back of your SATA DVD drive.
  12. Slide and replace the left panel of the tower and it will just replace the two screws that have been remove earlier.

Tips for a more convenient process of changing your IDE to SATA drive.

  • Find any soft surface object, on a towel or a blanket, and place you tower or (CPU) on it to avoid scratches on the case.
  • For an easier access and you can maneuver on your tower easily, put it sideways on you.
  • Do not put the screws anywhere; find a container to put them so you won’t lose the screws.