We all use computers and internet for various reasons. It has become a part of our lives and thinking of a day without it is really fearsome. Internet serves the most of our purposes these days – purposes like knowledge, communication, data etc. We use internet almost all the times when we are on work but if not properly secured then our computer might get infected by the infections available on the internet. You browse some site, and you might end up downloading some kind of virus or spyware – the situation is really critical. This is the reason why we have to take adequate security measures to keep our computers and the data in it protected and safe. We purchase expensive security software to keep the computer safe and then we scan the hard drives for any infection. We pay for the subscription and then it gets expired and then we pay again, but I guess this is how it is supposed to go. The new subscription which we should go for may be a costly affair and so we might need security software which is comparatively less expensive. In this post I will let you know how to get rid of one security software and get the other one installed.

First of all we should be aware that the existing software is reaching its expiry and this can be easily known by the software itself which on regular intervals keeps on displaying the expiry message. If this is happening on your computer then it is the right time to start exploring the choices. There is one very important rule while installing and using any Security software and the rule is that you should not have more than one security software of the same type at the same time on your computer. So before you install the new one make sure you remove the old one first – and that too completely.

Following are the steps:


Go to control panel and then Programs and Features.


Once you have the list in front of you, look for the entry for your existing Security software and click on it.


After selecting it, click on the Un-Install button to remove it and the reboot your computer.

Note: During or after the removal if you reckon that Un-Installation wasn’t successful then please go to the website of that software and use the removal tools available for its complete removal. But do not leave the traces of your old security software remain on your computer while you install the new one.


Insert the installation disk of the new security software that you have purchased or download the installer from the website if you have purchased it online.


Invoke the installation by running the setup file and follow the instructions.


Once the installation is done make sure that you connect to the internet and update the software for latest Virus definitions


Run the Virus Scan and further schedule it for automatic scanning periodically.