Computers are extremely important, especially today since a lot of the activities of our lives largely depend on them. In fact, many of today’s youth even use the computer in order to communicate with their friends and loved ones face to face. Perhaps this is the main reason why most of today’s laptops and cameras have built-in cameras.

An example of a highly saleable laptop with a built-in camera is the Dell XPS M1210. Now, if this camera suddenly malfunctions, then, of course, you would have to do everything in your power just to get it back to working mode.

  1. You need to shut down your computer at first. Simply disconnect the laptop to its power cable and take off all of the peripheral components from the system, such as the mouse, any connected USB flash drives or the earphones or headphones.
  2. The display hinge cover also needs to be taken off. Just insert a screwdriver with a flat head right into the notch on the hinge cover’s right side, and use this tool to pry it up. Once the cover has been lifted off of the computer, gently pull it up, coming from right to left.
  3. Extract the three screws that work by securing the top of the keyboard to the computer itself.
  4. You can try lifting the keyboard so that you can see the huge ribbon cable that connects it to the entire system. Get rid of this cable and separate the keyboard from the computer’s body.
  5. You then turn the computer over and try to find the compartment allocated for the communications card. It is in a shape of a square that is usually found on the right side of the base of today’s computers.
  6. Take the screw off of the compartment’s cover and then fully remove the cover.
  7. Disconnect the antenna cables from the card itself.
  8. Extract the screws that you can find on the left and right corners of the computer’s base where the battery is located. There are actually four screws, and they are all labeled with a letter D.
  9. Open the display and disconnect the cable from its connector. The connector can be found just right underneath the display. To disconnect it, you just have to lift the entire display assembly off of your computer’s system.
  10. There are four buffers that are generally made up of rubber. You need to remove these buffers, which are usually found surrounding the face of the display. Extract the screws that can be found under them.
  11. After you do this, remove the face of the display. You can start doing so at the middle of the display’s bottom. Just lift it up and pull it down, with most of your force centered on the inside edge. Doing so will disengage it from the tabs that have been purposely installed in their positions to secure it in its spot. The same thing should be done to each of the display face’s side for you to be able to completely get rid of it.
  12. Disconnect the cable of the camera from its connector, which is usually found on the left side of the display face. Afterwards, extract the four screws you find, including the ground screw that is adjacent to the display cable.
  13. Also, you must disconnect the cable of the speaker from its connector, which is also found right beside the cable of the display face. Once you have finally removed the two screws on each of the display’s sides, remove the bracket that is made of metal.
  14. Remove the display face from its back cover. The two display cables, the top and the bottom, need to be disconnected from each other. When you do so, the display will finally and completely be disconnected from the computer’s back cover.
  15. With regards to the camera, extract the two screws that work by securing the camera to the back cover. You can do so by removing the tape that holds its cable down. Once the cable has been removed, take the camera off of the back cover.

These are the things you have to do in order to replace the broken camera of your Dell XPS M1210. The steps will make installing your replacement camera much easier for you. In no time at all, you can get your computer, and your camera, back to working condition.