Laptops have become a part of the regular gadget family of human. Most students and professional carry a laptop with them. It has become a part and parcel of life. If laptops powers humans in their mundane tasks then who powers the laptops? The answer for this question is power cable. Mostly all laptops use power connectors to charge the batteries.

Compaq M2000 – How to power it!

Compaq M2000 is one such laptop which uses power connector for its charge. Often the company gives a working manual to help its customers to get to know the process or steps involved to charge the laptops. This manual also has the pictorial representation of the whole process. But hardly any company tells us what to do when the same power connector jack gets damaged. It is obvious to any company to take the blame when it comes to damage of the gadget.

How to replace the power connector in Compaq M2000

So here are the steps that the users can make can do to ensure that the process of replacing the power connector in Compaq M2000 is made simple.

1. Always make sure that the laptop is turned off when you have decided to open the cover or do anything with the internal of the laptop.

2. The next step involves removal of the battery. This can be done by turning the laptop upside down. Make sure that you do not damage the laptop. Handle the laptop with care in this step.

3. Use the screw driver to remove the screws. This involves a little bit of manual labour. Please make sure that you handle the screw driver properly. Care should be taken not to hurt the fingers. It is always better to take the help of a professional here as many people who do this by themselves get hurt.

4. Now carefully remove the rectangular plate that is placed over the keyboard. This involves a little patience, as often the laptop covers are closed tightly and it is a little hard to remove it. Do not apply lots of force as there is a good chance that you might break it.

5. Lift the keyboard to your side by removing the screws. Make sure that you disconnect the keyboard ribbon. This is the main ribbon that connects keyboard and mother board.

6. Find the two display hinges. This can be found on either side of the computer. One can find this below the LCD screen.

7. Now again, remove the screws and disconnect the LCD from the motherboard.

8. Unscrew the metal plate that covers the motherboard. Proper care should be taken here as this is the vital part of the computer. Do not remove it hard by applying high pressure on the screw driver. There are chances of breakage.

9. Locate the power jack in the motherboard.

10. Now remove the two screws that are present next to the power jack and remove the power connector board from the mother board. This is a part of the mother board.

11. Now use your soldering skills to desolder the power jack from the mother board.

12. Now replace the old power jack with the new one. Solder it to make sure that it gets connected again to the mother board.

13. Redo all the steps in the reverse order.

14. Now it’s time to work with your Compaq M2000!

Power connector is one of the important components in any laptop and proper care should be taken in order to ensure that this component does not fail. So it is highly essential to service the laptops every now and then so as to ensure a better performance.