Compaq Presario is a well designed reasonably priced line up of laptops from HP. They are ergonomically designed to facilitate ease of use, with a multitude of options in underlying hardware so that there is tremendous choice available for the end user. The BrightView inspired displays ensure that the graphics are crisp and easy on the eyes with a wide viewing angle.

Restoring Windows Vista to an earlier point in time

Windows Vista supports a backup feature called System Restore which rewinds your machine to an earlier point in time where things were working as desired. It works very much like undo in any modern word editor. Every time you install something new to the PC, you make changes and sometimes that may render it unstable. Windows periodically records a snapshot of your computer, called a Restore Point. This allows you to remove all changes to when you remember your computer working correctly. The steps to restore are as:

Option 1 : Through the “Help and support” menu:

  • Click “Start” and then “Help and Support”
  • Under “Pick a Task”, click “Undo changes to your computer with System Restore”.
  • Follow the instructions on the wizard

Option 2: Through the “All Programs” menu:

  • Click “Start” go to “All Programs”
  • Go to “Accessories”, then “System Tools” and then click “System Restore”.
  • Follow the instructions on the wizard

As a side note, it is useful to create a restore point if you foresee yourself making an major changes to your PC.

Reinstall Windows Vista from scratch

The steps to do a fresh install from a Windows Vista CD are as:

  • Insert your Windows Vista installation disk into your CD or DVD drive on your Presario notebook- installation should automatically start
  • Start the installation by clicking “Install Now”
  • Enter the license key when asked to do so. You may find it stuck/printed to the CD cover
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the license

It is important to note that System Restore or fresh install does not bring the notebook back to factory settings. To restore your computer back to factory settings, you need to follow the procedure mentioned in your notebook manual. Often pressing F8 continuously when the machine is rebooting brings up a restore menu.