Sometimes Internet Explore may for one reason or other become problematic for instance refusing to load or hanging up; or you may just want to reset it to its default settings, well that should not be hard given the fact that all available versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explore can be reset. What resetting does is erase all your customized functionalities so that the browser uses its original settings from the manufacturer. However, it’s only its latest windows 7 that do not have an all fix it mechanism for resetting Internet Explorer unlike the others.

Losing Some Settings

Like I had earlier said, you will definitely loose some settings when you decide to change internet explore settings to their default values. Some of the settings that you should expect to be erased are features such disabled toolbars and add-ons, all the websites you had added to intranet, the trusted or the restricted zones, all the websites that you had added under the special cookie handling in the privacy setting, all the websites that you had let use pop-ups by allowing pop ups under the browser’s Blocker settings. These are some of the settings you will have deleted from your internet explorer.

However, the settings to be restored to the default will comprise settings such as the explorer’s homepage, the search providers and tabbed browsing settings, your security settings and the colors; the languages you had been using will all be changed to the default setting. Other additional settings that will be defaulted include Pop up blocker, privacy tab settings changes you had made, your advanced tab setting changes, the page set up of your explorer, the tool bar, its feeds and Active X controls and a host of other functionalities.

Resetting Internet Explorer Manually

Manually fixing windows internet explore to default settings is easy. Simply maneuver to the Control panel and do the following:

First of all, you must ensure you have closed all open programs and for windows XP users, simply click on start and on the “Run” tab and type in “inetcpl.cpl” and click “enter.” For Vista, maneuver to the start tab and type “inetcpl.cpl and press enter simply. Immediately, the internet options menu will show up and from here simply click on the “Advanced” tab from where it should be easy to access the “Reset” tab that you will find under “Reset Internet Explorer Settings”. Simply click reset for the second time and Internet Explore will immediately commence the procedure. Once it has completed resetting, just click “close” from the dialog box and restart Internet Explore again. There you have it!


However, you can also use the automatic wizard for resetting Internet Explore by clicking on the “Fix this problem” icon and choosing “Run” from the “File Download” drop down menu. The wizard will automatically guide you through the process. But like I said windows 7 does not have this feature, instead go to the Internet Explorer trouble shooters to pull this off.