Is browsing the internet slow on Internet Explorer? Has your Internet Explorer stopped responding or become inoperative? Do you get message “encountered a problem and needs to close”? In this case you need to reset Internet Explorer.

If the problem occurs because of incompatible or damaged Internet Explorer settings or add-ons, the problem can be solved by resetting some of the Internet Explorer settings. Follow these steps for Internet Explorer Resetting from the Control Panel:

1. Close all the programs, even the Internet Explorer.
2. If you are using Windows XP, first click on Start, and then click on Run. Type the command inetcpl.cpl in the Open box, and then press Enter.
3. If you are using Windows Vista, first click Start then type the command inetcpl.cpl in the Start Search box, and finally press Enter.

The dialog box of Internet Options is displayed.

1. First click on the “Advanced” tab.
2. Click on Reset under the Internet Explorer settings, and again click on Reset after that.
3. Click Close in the Reset Internet Explorer Setting box, when the Internet Explorer finishes resetting.
4. Then you can start explorer again.

Resetting of the Internet Explorer brings back the following items to their default settings:

1. Search scopes
2. Home pages
3. Form data
4. Browsing history
5. Appearance settings
6. Passwords
7. Active X controls
8. Toolbars

Resetting the Internet Explorer Setting resets the features mentioned beneath:

1. User-defined browser settings

The setting includes all the personalization of the Internet Explorer done by means of the Internet Options dialog box. The resetting resets the security settings, zone settings, privacy settings for various users on the computer. All settings set by toolbars or add-ins is also reset.The resetting of Internet Explorer restores the settings created by the initial package of OEM.

2. Extensibility

The resetting of the Internet explorer immobilizes all browsers extensions, toolbars, and add ons that you install. To utilize any of these disabled customizations, you have to selectively enable every customization through Manage Add-on dialog box.
Two or more controls are required for some toolbars to work properly. Such toolbars have controls for the related toolbar extensions and Browser helper Object. You can use the Manage Add-ons dialog box in order to disable or enable controls.
For the pages having Active X controls, you should approve running Active manage the first time. After you grant the control for the first time, Internet Explorer begins to run automatically afterwards.

3. History of Browsing

The resetting of Internet Explorer deletes all the temporary cookies and Internet files. It clears all the browsing history, saved passwords, accumulated data and data which are auto-complete.
You must see whether the problem is fixed. If your problem is fixed then it’s all right. However, if the problem still persists then you can contact Microsoft Customer Support Service Web site to get help. Search technical support on the website. You can also search the website for your problem related questions. You can use the contact form from the website to contact them or you can call them using the phone numbers provided.