When you buy yourself a new router it’s jotted down on the manual of the router to have the Password documented and changed from the default one. Mostly, keeping the novice users’ apart, the proficient users’ do change the password and keep a track of the changed one. Since the probability also says that sometimes you pen down incorrect password as your document.

Mostly, people found in the above trap find the way out quite difficult and hence give many approaches that go in vain. So, how can you solve the above problem? Can you find a way out for the same?

Well, you have a way out and you need not worry for it. You can go for password reset and help you CISCO 1700 router to find a way out.

The instructions will server as your guidelines.



Step one

Ensure that your Cisco 1700 router is connected to your computer, when you headlong in to the process of password reset. To connect the Cisco router to your system just plug-in the USB cable in to the USB port of your system. Make use of adapter allowing USB to Serial port connection in order to complete the connection.

Step two

Before you switch on the power of your Cisco 1700 router, keep in mind to make the to be mentioned changes in the settings. Baud Rate – 9600, 8 Bits of data, one Stop bit, No parity and nil flow control.

Step three


If you did not do so, then switch on your PC. To begin the connection process launch the emulation program and switch on the Cisco router 1700 at the very instance and wait until the device oodles.


Step four


After a minute, hit the “Break” using your keyboard and direct the Cisco router 1700 to a ROMMON. Now since you need to boot from the flash chip, you are going to give the first prompt as “confreg 0x2142” at the ROMMON terminal. You will be required to do so because this way you can surpass the start up window of Cisco router and just across the password prompting window.

Step five


Now you’re going to reset the password of Cisco 1700 router at the ROMMON terminal and this will re-start the router. You will be taken to a page with the heading of “System Configuration Dialogue” and this is the point where your router Cisco 1700 is under the re-starting process. Bear in mind, to decline each step you need go for a mere mouse click on the “No” tab. To surpass the whole scenario in one go simply press Ctrl+C from your keyboard at the terminal window.

Step six

Then to recover the password you’ll be required to hit these keywords at the enable mode that is “configure memory”. Once you hit latter using your keyboard, your password gets recovered and you can save the same if you long.

Thus, if you have lost the Cisco 1700 router’s password you need not develop a cause of worry. The above guidelines will help you find a way out and will rather solve the problem related to the lost password of your Cisco 1700 router.