Sometimes it happens that you ignore or forget the system administrator password when you have installed the Microsoft SQL Server Database. Remembering the password is a difficult job as in some cases, you don’t even remember a single hint related to your password.

Password Reset Tool

To reset the password of system administrator in MS SQL Server Database you can take help from a professional password reset tool in case you have forgotten or lost the system administrator password of the SQL Server Database. This professional SQL password reset tool is the Microsoft SQL Server Password Un-Locker. The password reset program has got a very simple user interface which makes it easy for sue by almost any one. With the help of a single click of mouse, you are able to reset the unknown or forgotten Microsoft SQL Server Database Software without any kind of loss of data. Resetting your Microsoft SQL Server Database system administrator password is now just a single mouse click away. Whether the SQL server is already installed or it is not installed, the Microsoft SQL Server Password Un-Locker gains the access to the master.mdf file directly which contains all the information related to the users of database. For smooth access to the master.mdf file, the Microsoft SQL Server Password reset tool will automatically stop the execution of all the SQL services that may be using that file in the operations.


To successfully reset the password of the System Administrator in Microsoft SQL Server Database, follow these simple steps. Resetting the password with the Microsoft SQL Server Password reset tool is an easy process and can be done by almost any one with some assistance.

  • The first thing you have to do is to download the Microsoft SQL Server Password Un-Locker. The program can be downloaded from multiple websites. You can download the demo version of the software and get it licensed afterwards or you can purchase a registered version from the internet.
  • After downloading the program, double click on it and install it to your computer. Once installation is complete, launch the program by double clicking its executable file. In the menu click on the “Open” button to browse for the master.mdf file.
  • A new dialog window will open that will help you to browse the master.mdf file. Select the master.mdf file from the new dialogue box and click on the “Open” button. Once you have clicked on the open button, the program will display a list of user names and their respective passwords.
  • From the list of these user names, select the user name whose password you wish to reset. Select the user name and click on “Change Password”. A text box will open that will prompt you to enter a new password.
  • Enter the desired password you wish to keep and click on the Ok button. This will successfully change the password of the selected user and you can login with the new password.