There are time when you forget your password or you might also need to reset/change the password for security reasons and like any other service providers, Microsoft also provides the functionality to change and reset the Windows Live password.

Here are some of the very simple steps to change/reset the Windows Live ID password:


The first thing you need to do is to open the Windows Live Solution center website to look for the options to reset/change the Windows Live ID password. Now select the “Sign In” option in the main page and click on the option “Forgot your password” which is shown under the password box.


In this place, you will need to enter you Windows Live ID. It will ask you to enter the CAPTCHA figure which has to be entered correctly. Once these information are filled-in successfully, click on “Continue” button.


You will need to choose one of the options to verify identity. You will now need to answer the security question. A password verification page will appear once the verification process is completed.


Select the appropriate security answer if you have chosen the option to enter the security question. You need to enter the location and security question and it will load the password recovery page. You will receive a password reset email on your alternate email address if you choose the option for alternate email address.  You need to login to your alternate email and open the password recovery link.


Now type-in your Windows Live ID in the password reset page and then you can create a new password. Type the appropriate password and then click on “Continue”.

Now try to sign-in to your Windows Live account with your new credential. This would accept the new password and you will be allowed to access all the Windows Live service.

These simple steps can be used to reset the forgotten Windows Live ID password. These are very simple steps to follow and can be used whenever you are in trouble to login to your Windows Live account.