Many a times we face problems in storing various picture files. Different digital devices have different resolutions. To store high resolution pictures in low resolution devices we have to alter the size and resolution of the pictures.

The Problem Area

The pixels used in the picture give it the desired sharpness and clarity. As the number of pixels increase so does its resolution. The need for having a high resolute picture is that you can have it printed in larger sizes without compromising on the clarity of the picture. The effect of a high resolution picture however increases its file size, which makes the picture difficult to store.

The Type of File Makes a Lot of Difference

The higher the resolution of the picture, the more time will it take to send it as an attachment in an electronic mail format. This is because a high resolution picture takes more space and makes it a difficult storage item. It is not always necessary that a picture of high resolution takes a greater space. The type of file used to create the picture is of as much, if not less, importance in determining the size of the file. Many a times a picture of similar resolution but varied file types differs in file size. So the type of the file you select for your picture is also a determinant factor of the space it will utilize.

It is seen that JPEG pictures are easier to save compared to TIFF files. The reason for this being, JPEG files can be compacted which make the file smaller in size. In this act you do compromise on the picture’s visual quality but not much.

File types can be changed to reduce them in size. Once you change the file type of a picture from a larger size file to a smaller one, you can subsequently delete the larger one to make more space for other files. Paint can be used to change the types of the files.

Steps to resize a picture

In the following paragraph we illustrate the steps to be followed in order to reduce the size of a picture using Paint system:

  • First of all click the “Start” menu and go to the “All Programs” section, subsequently open “Accessories” section and then click “Paint”.
  • Open the paint folder
  • Now, open the image to be resized.
  • The “Image” group contains a “Home” tab click on it and also on “Resize” icon in it.
  • A new dialog box will open named “Resize and Skew”. For resizing the picture it is essential that it should have the same aspect ratio as its original. To do this you will have to choose “Maintain Aspect Ratio” check box visible on the screen.
  • Once you choose the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” you now have to fill in the horizontal value and the vertical value to resize the picture.
  • To resize the picture the screen will display two options namely;

1.  You can resize the picture in terms of percentage. To execute this command click “Percentage” and then enter the percentage values in terms of height and width to resize the picture into your desired picture size.
2.   The other way is to click “Pixels” and enter the values in terms of height and weight. This command will resize the picture to create a definite size.

  • Click “Save As” in the “Paint” section – this will store the resized image in the file type selected.
  • Give a new name to the file in the “File Name” box. Clicking “Save” will save the new resized picture in your computer.