Have you ever experienced anticipating a movie, finally getting a chance to watch it online and then finding out that a single sound couldn’t even be heard from your headphones? Well, that is a major disappointment. But, you can do something about it! If the problem is caused by hardware malfunctions and errors, then you could do something. If it is software and application oriented then that may be really hard to solve.

What are the probable hardware errors and malfunctions? Malfunction can be caused by connection errors, drivers, settings and updates. Corrupt and incompatible drivers may also be the reason for the error. Moreover, missing updates and wrong sound settings may also be some of the related probable reasons.

What you should check out on are the sound card, cables and the volume and power. Checking if your sound card is working properly is easy. Open the Control Panel in your Start Button. Choose System and Security in the Control Panel. The next thing to do is click the Device Manager under System. Click Sound, video and game controllers to check out if a sound card is installed in your PC. You will be able to see an icon in the category of Sound, video and game controllers. If you did not see an icon, it means that you haven’t installed the sound card yet. Moreover, if a question mark is seen beside the name of sound card, it means that there is a problem with the sound card. Check the Device Status in the General tab of the Device Manager. These may be the causes of the problem.

Another possible cause of the problem is the cable connections. You should check the HDMI cables, Multiple Audio Devices, Speakers and Headphone and USB Audio Devices. The problem with HDMI cables will be possible if you are using HDMI-capable monitor. A HDMI video card is the one responsible for the audio of HDMI-capable monitors. You should check the audio settings and check out the HDMI video card if it supports the audio. The best thing to do is to set the setting on default. This is similar with the USB Audio Devices. Moreover, for Multiple Audio Devices, you should make sure that one of the devices is set on. Also check if the speakers and headphones are plugged and that the settings are properly deposited.

In the case of the power and volume, if you are using either headphones or speaker, you should make sure that it is properly plugged. And the minutest factor that may not be caught by your attention is the volume. Make sure that the volume is not too small to the point that you can’t hear a sound anymore. In case it happens, adjust it through the category Adjust Sound Volume from Sound in the Hardware and Sound.

Another effective process to know the real problem is to do troubleshooting. You could do 2 things in troubleshooting. The first is to diagnose and fix sound playback issues and be able to fix it. Moreover, you could also fix a problem related to hardware devices that are not detected.

The last thing to do to make sure that your audio device is functioning well would be to have updates. This will make your watching enjoyment be more worth it!