The support in favor of the View of Windows without any packets of service installed end on April 13th, 2010. To continue accepting updates of security for Windows, be sure that you aim the View of Windows with the Packet of Service 2.

BIOS of Windows 7

In the organization BIOS of Windows 7 of Microsoft or Windows based on View, you change the Advanced Attachment of Technology Series of the mode of the itinerary of boot to use Interface of inspector of RAID or specification. You restart the computer then. This edition occurs if the driver disc in Windows 7 and Seen from Windows is made disabled. They must allow this driver before you change the mode SATA / RAID of the itinerary of boot. Serious problems could occur if you change recording wrongly. Therefore, be sure that you follow these steps carefully. For added protection, support the recording before you change it. Then, you can restore recording if a problem occurs. To solve this edition, allow DRIVER AHCI in recording before you change the mode SATA of the itinerary of boot.

To make it, follow these steps:

Take out all programs based on Windows, Slam the Beginning, type the research box of the Beginning and support then on GRAFTING. If you accept the box of dialogue of User Account Control, bang on. Find and bang then one of the following sub-keys of recording. In the box of data of Value, type 0 and click OK. On the menu, slam the Exit to close the chief Editor of Recording. Hanging Windows 7 or process of installation of View of Windows, any new drivers of storage are made disabled. This behavior speeds up the process of kickoff of the operating system. When you change the itinerary of boot to a driver who was made disabled, you must allow the new driver before you change the shape of equipment. For instance, assume that you install the View of Windows or Windows 7 on a computer which contains an inspector who uses the driver Pciide.sys. Later, you change mode SATA in AHCI. Therefore, itinerary must now load the driver Msahci.sys. However, you must allow the driver Msahci.sys before you make this change. This edition affects the itinerary of boot only. If the itinerary which you change is not the itinerary of boot, you do not know this edition. AHCI provides several characteristics in devices SATA. These include the functionality of administration of power and functionality of hot outlet. Microsoft provides the third person contact information to help you to find technical support. This information of contact can change without notice. Microsoft does not park the accuracy of this third person contacts information. The products of third person which this article discusses are fabricated by the companies which are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft returns no guarantee, implicated or in another way, as for performance or as for integrity of these products.