You might have spotted some misbehavior with your computer after having uninstalled the program Adaptec Easy CD Creator versions 5.01 as well as prior versions or, perhaps, the DirectCD version 3.01 or 3.01c coming from your own personal computer. You cannot anymore access any of your CD-ROMS and you get any of the following error messages in Device Manager:

“The device might not be working properly as it should be because your Windows system cannot successfully load the drivers that are actually required for this device (Code 31).”
“A driver for this device was not required, and has been turned off (Code 32 or Code 31).”
“Your own personal registry might actually be corrupted. (Code 19)”

Apart from these error messages, you may also get to receive an actual error code 39 message which tells you that your driver has been actually corrupted.

The Resolution

To resolve this issue, two methods are being supported and they are described below. The solutions described below involve modifying your registry so make sure that you follow the steps correctly and carefully. If the registry was incorrectly modified, serious problems may occur with your computer s make sure that before modifying your registry, you were able to make a back-up of it.

Having the back-up would ensure that you can easily restore your registry if problems would occur. Make sure that before making any changes in your registry, you have performed the said back-up. More information about how to back-up and restore your registry can be found in a separate article or you can check it out at the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Method One

1.    From the following registry key, you need to get rid of both the Lowerfilters as well as the Upperfilters values: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}. If you get a code 39 message, there may be additional third party filter drivers installed in addition to the Adapter filter drivers. When this happens, remove the additional drivers first then leave the Easy Creator filters as is to see if the code 39 message disappears. If there is still the code 39, 32, or 31 error messages, then completely remove the values of the Upperfilters as well as the Lowerfilters.

2.    Restart your computer.

Method Two

1.    If after doing the above method, the code 31 error message is still unresolved and you still cannot access your CD-ROMs, then try this second method. If at the same time you still have Media Player version 7.0 installed on your computer, then you should uninstall that version of Media player and install the latest release by downloading the version posted at this website:

2.    Restart your computer.

Although the issue is known to occur with Easy CD Creator versions 5.01 and versions prior to the aforementioned, and DirectCD versions 3.01c and earlier, they may also occur with Easy CD Creator 5.01 and DirectCD 3.01d or later.

Other third party CD Writing Software may show a similar misbehavior and the troubleshooting steps discussed in this article may also apply if those kinds of software would add entries to the Lowerfilters as well as the Upperfilters Registry values.