Whenever you connect USB drive or external DVD drive to your computer, you may have noticed that it takes some time for your system to recognize this drive. This is because when we connect this drive, system loads the drivers which act as mediator. Many times it happens that system fails to perform expected operation and thus we can not access attached device. This is because computer fails to load the required drivers. Due to this proper connection which is required between hardware and driver could not be established. Here are few solutions for such type of driver problems.


Many times, you may be facing an issue when you install new hardware and later it doesn’t work properly. For device to work properly, it must be compatible with operating system. If it doesn’t, then you must find the compatible driver for it. Information manual with device will assist you in this case. It can also be case where devices require special driver to work and hence you must install the associated disk which contain those drivers. If the driver demands restarting the system then you should restart the computer so that device gets installed correctly.

Resolving Issues

USB port might be another reason for the improper behavior of installed device. In this situation unplug the USB driver and connect it to another USB port. You must get some notification as an indication that operating system has recognized the connected device. You can use Windows update to update the drivers of the device not working properly. It can be done manually and if the driver is from Windows, it can be automatically downloaded. You can check available updates for your device.

To make sure that you get updates in future of the device for which you recently downloaded drivers through Windows Update, you must turn on automatic updates on. When Windows is allowed to download updates for the drivers it might not set to install them automatically. User thinks that updates are getting downloaded and still device operations fail. For this it must be ensured that recommended updates get automatically install. Optional updates are not supposed to be downloaded or installed automatically. For this user must check Windows Update periodically. Update settings can be changed in the Windows Update which can be accessed from Start menu. If you are worried about the security, you can set an administrator password. It will ensure that no update will be installed in your absence.

You may face one more issue in which your device used to work properly but now it has stopped working or producing insensible results. As mentioned earlier, Windows Update can be used to update device drivers. It can be the case that unknowingly you may have uninstalled the required drivers. You have to reinstall the driver disk associated with driver. It reloads the required drivers to produce desired results. If you fail to connect the Internet to update your driver then check the cable connection or router. Tampered cable or damaged routers are the main reasons for disconnection of Internet. Thus, most of the driver issued can be resolved by reinstalling or updating the drivers as it is an integral part for any driver for its proper functioning.