When you have a computer on which Windows server 2008 is running and you try to put your system into mode of hibernation (S4) then the system might crash. Also, if you receive an error message which is like “STOP: 0x0000000A IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.” This kind of message could occur when there are some miniport drivers of the third party storage that are installed on the computer. There can be a difference in the parameters of this stop message and it depends on the configuration which you have done for your computer. It is also interesting to note that not all of the stop messages are caused due to this problem.

HOTFIX download

When you encounter this kind of problem then the hotfix solution can also be obtained from Microsoft. But only this solution can fix the issue which is mentioned above. Only the hotfix should only be applied to those systems that are experiencing this type of problem. Additional testing might be needed for the hotfix. If you have a hotfix available for download then you should proceed with that. The download of the hotfix is available in different languages and you can easily have it in the language of your choice.


There are only a few operating systems on which the hotfix can be applied. If you have Windows Vista SP1 or SP2, or the Windows Server 2008 or SP2 running on your computer then you can install the hotfix and can get a solution to your problem. No changes to the registry are required for using this. In order to apply the hotfix you must restart your computer.

File information

The global version of this hotfix has certain attributes. The date and time for this are shown in the coordinated universal time. These are displayed on your computer on the basis of the local time of your computer as well as the day light saving time. When certain operations are performed on the files then the dates are also changed on your computer and they are shown according to that.

Files information notes

All of the files which can be applied to a specific product SR_level and the service branch can be identified with the help of the version numbers of the files. Windows server 2008 already has the service pack 1 installed on it therefore there is no need of the RTM milestones in that. It is only required for the Windows Vista operating system. The file name for all of the supported x86 version of the Windows server 2008 is Diskump.sys with the version numbers 6.0.6001.22670 and 6.0.6002.22382. For all of the supported x64 and IA-64 based versions of the Windows server 2008 operating system the version numbers of the Diskdump.sys files are also the same. There are only some of the Windows operating systems on which this problem is present and it has also been confirmed by Microsoft. This problem is with the Windows server 2008 standard, enterprise, datacenter, all of these versions without hyper-V and also Windows server 2008 for Itanium based systems.