Skype is the leading company in VoIP service providers. It has gained massive popularity in just few years. Skype works on its own technology and it is different then what others use for the same purpose. Skype has been launching its applications for various operating systems and Browsers to make its users capable of dialing numbers as easily as possible. Skype provides free calls from Skype to Skype and charges very nominal rates for Skype to telephone calls. On your web browser you would have noticed that if there is any number which looks like a telephone or mobile number then it gets identified by Skype installed on your computer and Skype adds a small icon next to it on the browser so that you can call the number directly from Skype. You do not even need to copy and paste the number to Skype dialer. This icon on the web browser is added by the Skype add-on for that browser which a user needs to install on his machine. Just like other browser Skype has its own Add-On for the new Internet Explorer 8 and has launched several versions for the same. Skype Add-On version 3.8 for Internet Explorer has some problems in it and users have reported issues like browser crashes or the Internet Explorer 8 starts automatically in the No Add-On mode. There is another issue which has been reported with the 3.8 version of Skype plug-in and that is that the Skye icon next to the telephone number doesn’t display the Skype icon but displays only the image holder for that icon. In this post we will discuss how to fix these problems if they occur on your computer which has Skype 3.8 plug-in installed on Internet Explorer 8.

To mention the Skype plug-in 3.8 is generic to all the versions of internet Explorer and was not specifically developed for Internet Explorer 8. This plug-in was developed before the launch of internet Explorer 8 and thus there are some compatibility issues with this browser. The first step to resolve this problem is by removing all the previous versions of Skype plug-in and then installing the latest version. To download the latest version of Skype Plug-in goes to the following link Another method of getting rid of this problem is by disabling the Skype 3.8 plug-in from internet Explorer. To disable the plug-in close all the windows of Internet Explorer 8 and then open a new Window. If you are facing the problem then on opening the new Window you will receive the error “Internet Explorer 8 is in a special no-add-ons mode so that you can fix a compatibility problem with Skype 3.8 IE Plug-in”. When you receive this error you will also get an option mentioning “Always open Internet Explorer without this add-on”. Click on this option and now your Internet Explorer will disable the Skype Add-On and will not give the error messages. This step however is just for getting rid of the error message and will not fix the actual problem. Actual problem will be fixed by removing previous plug-in and then installing the latest one.