Have you experienced an error message upon installing Internet Explorer 7? This might be cause by various issues. Read on and discover these issues to help you solve the errors that occur in the installation process. This article will provide a simple troubleshoot for intermediate computer users.

Things to Notice

Some solution might require you to browse and be redirected in other pages away from the one you are viewing now. The contents of this page may not be available anymore upon browsing away from this page. It is advised that you print a copy of this page, bookmark this page, or make a shortcut of this page on your desktop to easily access it again for reference in your troubleshooting. To create a shortcut in your desktop of this Web Page, just follow these steps:
1.    Right click on the Web Page
2.    Click Create Shortcut
3.    Check on your desktop if the shortcut is available


After you have secured this web page for your easy reference on the following processes, you can now start to troubleshoot. Follow the following steps:

Solution 1: Reset Security Settings

1.    Close all programs that are currently running.
2.    Click the Start Button > click Run > encode inetcpl.cpl
3.    Click on the Advanced tab
4.    Locate the Reset Internet Explorer Settings
5.    Locate and Select Reset.
6.    Click Reset again.
7.    Close the Internet Explorer
8.    Start the Internet Explorer Again

Solution 2: Download, Install, and Use Microsoft Fix it for Me

1.    Download the link from : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917925
2.    Run the downloaded installer
3.    Agree on the terms and click Next
4.    Continue Installation
5.    Run the Program


Fix it does not apply to Windows 7. For Windows 7 users, you are provided with an action center fully capable to troubleshoot and fix problems of your OS as well, including the installation problems in Internet Explorer 7. The action center provides update and full search of drivers for all Microsoft programs in your computer.

Other Options

In instances that the 2 solutions given do not work, there are several options that a user can chose to do. For users that can manage to deal with advanced settings of the computer, you can chose to have a manual troubleshoot, giving you a wide range of selection and a more thorough troubleshooting to pinpoint and solve the problem in the installation of Internet Explorer 7. A full comprehensive suggestions in troubleshooting is available at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917925#FixItForMeAlways, you can click on the link and start troubleshooting the problem yourself.
Problems in installation are quite common on computer users, but solutions are always provided by the Microsoft support team for average and expert users of computer. For average users, just follow the two solutions provided in the earlier part of this article, and if the problem persists, it is best to consult an expert. For expert users, you can follow the link to have a full guide of how to troubleshoot internet explorer 7 installation.