Some of the users of the notebooks who have installed the Windows 7 operating systems had to face certain problems. Windows 7 is the latest operating system which has been recently released by Microsoft. There are certain notebooks on which Windows 7 operating system is installed and their display is changed to completely black when they are connected to some external monitor or the aero function also gets disabled when these notebooks are resuming from the sleep mode. When you are facing this kind of scenario then the display should be under the Duplicate or the Projector option when the combination of the keys of Win and P are pressed together. If after this the system gets into the standby mode and also the external monitor is plugged out, and when you would resume then the display of the notebook could be completely black or the aero function can also be lost. This kind of problem would not occur if you have connected an external monitor to your notebook but are not using it or when the display is extended to some second monitor.

Causes for the problem

If there is a problem of caching then this problem might occur. The video cache is getting out of the synchronization for the refresh rate and as a result of this when the DWM i.e. the Desktop window manager tries to set any mode then it is unable to do this. So as a result it is not able to draw the desktop. As soon as you make the changes then the cache would be back in sync.

Solution to the problem

You would want to have a solution to this problem as soon as possible so as to avoid any kind of inconvenience. You can now easily resolve this issue with the help of a key combination. It is possible to tackle this issue with the help of pressing a combination of the keys. You can press the keys of ‘win’ + P and can change the configuration of the display. For instance you can change it to Extend or Computer Only. If you are still unable to fix the problem with the help of pressing the particular key combination of ‘win’ + P then you should restart your computer. With the help of restarting your computer you would be able to fix this issue easily. In this you can get rid of this problem and can work with high quality videos too. Sometimes people have to disable the aero feature by themselves if they wish to work in a way when they have good speed and high performance.

Disabled Aero on Windows 7

The aero glass interface of the Windows 7 operating system needs to have a decent video card and it is not possible for the users to use this feature on a computer which is old and clunking. If some people are very much concerned about the performance then they can also disable the aero so that the performance of the computer becomes high.